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December 20, 2023 06:19PM
Last update: May 7, 2024 01:22PM
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Betting Odds 9/10
Promotions 8/10
Withdrawal 9/10
Mobile 7/10
Reliability 8/10
Support 9/10
Summary 8/10
  1. Mobile App: The SportyBet app is user-friendly and convenient, allowing you to access both Android and iOS platforms easily.
  2. Live Streaming: You can watch live streams of various sports events on the platform.
  3. Multiple payment options: SportyBet provides multiple options for easy deposit and withdrawal, such as M-Pesa and other online payment options.
  4. Responsible Gaming: SportyBet promotes safe and responsible betting practices, providing helpful resources.
  5. Great Odds:  SportyBet offers competitive odds, increasing your chances of winning.
  6. Bonuses and Promotions: SportyBet offers numerous bonuses and promotions to its customers, increasing value.
  7. Reliable Customer Support: SportyBet’s customer support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any queries or issues.
  8. Secure and Safe Platform: SportyBet uses advanced security measures to ensure your personal and financial details are safe and secure.
  1. Currency Options: At SportyBet, they only accept the Kenyan shilling currency, so if you prefer to use a different currency, this could be a problem.
  2. Technical Issues: Sometimes SportyBet may experience technical issues that can affect your betting activities or account access: for example, lag in loading the webpage.
  3. Limited Features: SportyBet may not offer all the features or markets that some customers want, such as casino games and eSports, which are unavailable on the platform.
  4. Betting Limits: SportyBet has certain betting limits that may not be suitable for high rollers or experienced bettors.
  5. Inconsistent Odds: Some customers have reported inconsistent odds, which can affect betting decisions.
  6. Limited Live Streaming: SportyBet’s live streaming options may be limited, depending on the sport or event.
  7. Account Closure: SportyBet reserves the right to close customer accounts without providing a reason.

Sportybet is a popular online betting platform in Kenya that allows users to bet on sports events and earn money. It is a good option for those interested in online betting games. This article discusses the pros of Sportybet, Sportybet betting options, Bonus Offers by the platform, types of bets available, deposits and withdrawals on sportybet, and many more. So let’s get started!

Sportybet Betting Options

Sportybet Betting Options

There are many betting options available on the SportyBet website. Here are some betting options for you:

Livescore Betting

Live Betting is a feature of SportyBet in Kenya that permits you to place bets on ongoing sports matches in real-time. With Live Betting, you can make informed decisions based on the current score and other in-game factors. In addition, SportyBet in Kenya provides live score betting in football, basketball, tennis, handball, and more.

SMS Betting 

At SportyBet, we offer an SMS betting option that’s easy and convenient for our customers. Whether you’re on the go or prefer to place your bets via text message, we’ve got you covered. Our online platform guides you through the process, ensuring you can easily place your bets and have a seamless experience. By texting 29123, you can join the fun and start placing your bets via SMS today!

Data Bundle

SportyBet Kenya offers a data-friendly platform, and to further help you manage data usage, It offers a special SportyBet Data Bundle. The bundle provides specific data for exclusive use on the platform at an affordable price.

Free Bets For New Customers 

If you’re new to the platform and register for the first time, you’ll receive a free bet of KES 50. To claim this offer, sign up on the SportyBet website or mobile app, and enter your details to create your account. Once you’ve completed your account, your free bet will be automatically credited to your account. You can then use this free bet to place a wager on any sports market of your choice, as long as the odds for the bet are 2.0 or higher. You’ll receive the winnings minus the free bet amount if your bet wins.

First Deposit Offering 

Get ready to score big on your first deposit with SportyBet Kenya! 

When you deposit on SportyBet Kenya for the first time, you can immediately receive up to 300% of your returns as a bonus balance! 

That means if you deposit 500 KES, you’ll get an additional 1,500 KES in bonus balance to use on your bets! 

But that’s not all – the maximum bonus you can receive from this first deposit offer is a whopping 1,500 KES! 

So deposit now and start betting with more than you bargained for!

Refunds On Lost Bets

SportyBet offers a “Money Back” feature that provides refunds on lost bets under certain conditions. Here’s how it works: 

1. Place a qualifying bet on a specific market before the start of the match. 

2. The market must be a pre-match, single bet on a specific football match. 

3. If your bet loses due to a goal scored in the last five minutes of the match, SportyBet will refund your stake up to a certain amount. 

4. The refund amount will be credited to your SportyBet account within 24 hours of the end of the match. 

This feature is available for selected football matches only, and the refund amount and SportyBet rules may vary depending on the match.

Registration and Authorization Requirements

To use SportyBet, register for an account and complete the authorization process. Here are the registration and authorization requirements for SportyBet: 


  1. You must be 18 years old to register for a SportyBet account. 
  2. You will have to provide a valid mobile phone number during registration. 
  3. You will need to create a reliable password to access your account.


  1. To complete the authorization process, you must provide personal identification documents such as a National ID, Passport. 
  2. You must also provide proof of address documentation, such as a utility bill or bank statement.
  3.  All documents must be clear, legible, and valid. 
  4. The authorization process is required by law and helps to prevent fraudulent activity on the platform. 
  5. Once your account is authorized, you can access SportyBet’s features and services entirely.

Availability of Applications

If you want to use SportyBet on your mobile device, download the SportyBet app from the App Store for iOS devices or directly from the SportyBet website for Android devices as an APK file. For this, go to the official website of SportyBet and click on the “App”, then on “Download Android for Free”. Once you have downloaded the app, you can log in using your existing SportyBet account or create a new account if you are a new user. The app provides the same features and functions as the SportyBet website, including placing bets, managing your account, and accessing customer support.

Bonus Offers

Sportybet Bonus Offers

SportyBet offers many SportyBet bonuses, including:

Rafiki Gifts: It lets you refer friends to SportyBet, earning rewards for both parties. Share your referral code, and when friends sign up and make a qualifying deposit, you both receive rewards.

Free Bet: To get a free bet in SportyBet Kenya is to register your account and you will be rewarded with a free bet of up to 50 KES! This is a perfect way to start your betting experience on the SportyBet platform.

Rewards of First Deposit: When you make your first deposit, you can receive an astounding 300% return immediately, as soon as your deposit is successful. This triple your initial deposit to boost your betting power and increases your chances of winning.

SportyBet Jackpot: This bonus lets you predict 12 game outcomes for a chance to win KES 14,069,335. Prizes are also given for 11 and 10 correct predictions. To play, register, have at least KES 50 in your account, predict outcomes for 12 matches, and stake KES 50 for each combination. Results are announced Mondays, with special conditions for disrupted matches. Try “Jackpot Rush” for random selections at a fixed KES 50 stake.

At the moment this article was written these bonuses, besides Jackpot, were not available, but we reached the support team and they said that these bonuses are going to be back soon.

Deposit And Withdrawal On SportyBet


If you want to begin betting on SportyBet, you must deposit to SportyBet account using mobile money. To do this, go to the “My Account” section of the app or website and select “Deposit” from the drop-down menu.


  1. To withdraw your winnings from SportyBet, go to “My Account (Me)” and select “Withdraw” from the drop-down menu.
  2. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and click “Withdraw Now.”
  3. Your winnings will be sent to your Mpesa account after you confirm the withdrawal.
  4. Keep in mind that carrier fees will be charged for processing the SportyBet withdrawal.

Payment Methods 

Safaricom: To deposit or withdraw money into your SportyBet account using Safaricom, you’ll need to have an account with Safaricom Twaweza and enough funds. Once you have that, you can quickly transfer the funds to your SportyBet account using your SportyBet account number.

Online Payment: If you select the online deposit option, enter the amount you wish to deposit and click “Top up now”. You will then be prompted to enter your mobile money service pin to authorize the transaction. Once you’ve done this, click “Completed” to finish the process.

SMS: To create an account, you can send an SMS with “Join” to 29123. You’ll receive a confirmation message and further instructions on how to complete your registration. 

Mpesa Paybill: You can also make payments using the Mpesa Paybill service. The Paybill number for SportyBet Kenya is 202202. To make a payment, you need to have an active Mpesa account and follow the instructions provided by Mpesa to complete the transaction.

These methods are a great choice if you’re looking for simple and convenient ways to deposit and withdraw money.

SportyBet Sportsbook Review 

SportyBet Sportsbook Review 

Sportybet in Kenya provides different kinds of sports and live sports events for you to place a bet on. The information on the website, like live scores, results, and odds, is only for personal use. You can’t share or use it for business purposes. SportyBet monitors the website to ensure people aren’t using robots or machines to cheat. They might block people who do.

Types of Bets

Type of BetDescription
Single BetA straightforward bet on the outcome of a single event, such as a football match or a tennis game.
Accumulator BetA bet that combines multiple selections into a single wager, increasing the potential payout but also the risk of losing.
Handicap BetA type of bet that levels the playing field by giving a hypothetical advantage or disadvantage to one team or player.
System BetA bet that covers multiple combinations of selections, increasing the chances of winning but also the cost of the bet.
Specials BetA bet on unique events or outcomes specific to a particular sport or event, such as the number of yellow cards in a football match or the winner of a reality TV show.

If you want to consider the betting process at SportyBet in Kenya more carefully, click on the link in the text and reduce the probability of facing problems during wagering. 

Betting Markets, Odds, And Lines

Betting markets refer to the different types of bets that you can place on a particular event. For example, in a football match, the betting markets might include options like the winner of the game, the total number of goals scored, or the first goal scorer. 

Odds are a way of expressing the probability of a particular outcome occurring in a sporting event. They’re typically expressed as a fraction or a decimal; the lower the odds, the more likely the result will appear. 

Lines, conversely, refer to the point spread or handicap given to the underdog in a particular event to even out the betting. For instance, if a football team is heavily favored to win a match, the line might be set at -3, which means they have to win by at least three goals for a bet on them to be successful. Conversely, the underdog might have a line of +3, meaning they can lose by up to two goals, and punters still win the bet.

Football1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, etc.Moneyline, spread, total (over/under)
Basketball1.9, 2.1, 2.3, etc.Moneyline, point spread, total
Tennis1.8, 2.2, 2.5, etc.Moneyline, set spread, total (over/under)
Rugby1.7, 2.3, 3.5, etc.Moneyline, point spread, total
Cricket1.6, 2.4, 2.6, etc.Moneyline, run line, total (over/under)
Boxing1.5, 2.0, 2.5, etc.Moneyline, round betting, total
Golf1.7, 2.3, 2.5, etc.Moneyline, spread, total (over/under)
Horse Racing1.5, 2.0, 2.5, etc.Moneyline, point spread, total
Formula 11.8, 2.2, 2.5, etc.Moneyline, podium finish, fastest lap

Bet Types

Bet TypeDescription
MoneylineA bet on which team or player will win a match or game.
Point SpreadA bet on the margin of victory for a team or player.
Over/UnderA bet on whether the total score or outcome will be over or under a specific number set by the sportsbook.
FuturesA bet on the outcome of a future event or season, such as which team will win the championship.
Prop BetsA bet on a specific event within a game, such as which player will score the first goal.
In-Play/Live BettingA bet on an event or outcome that is taking place in real-time, during the game or match.
ParlaysA bet that combines multiple wagers into one, with all selections needing to be correct to win the bet.

Virtual Sports

Virtual sports are computer-generated sports that use random number generators to take action and determine the outcome. On SportyBet Kenya’s website, you can only play virtual football events. You can access it by clicking on the “Instant Virtuals” tab on the website. This allows you to place bets on simulated football events and enjoy the sports betting.

SportyBet Casino Review

SportyBet Casino Review

While SportyBet doesn’t offer a traditional online casino, it does provide you with exciting virtual football games, live betting options, and popular sports betting that you can play and bet on.

Sportybet Sure Tips

Whether you’re a seasoned sports bettor or just starting, SportyBet sure tips can give you an edge and help you make more informed betting decisions.

Sportybet Predictions 

Here are some of the essential tips, which will make you successful in your betting journey:

  • Bet on a team with a better overall record;
  • Set a budget and stick to it when gambling to avoid losing too much money;
  • Place your bets in advance to avoid missing out on good odds; 
  • Use betting analytics and tools to help you make more informed decisions; 
  • Look for value bets where the odds are better than you think they should be; 
  • Don’t chase your losses by placing bigger bets to try and win back what you’ve lost;
  • Educate yourself on the rules and strategies of the sport you are betting on; 
  • Join a betting community to get tips and insights from other bettors; 
  • Consider betting on international competitions for less popular sports in your country; 
  • Finally, bet for fun and enjoyment, not just for the potential to win money!

Legality And Safety of Bookmaker

SportyBet is a company that operates as SportyBet Limited and is situated at Spring Valley Business Park in Nairobi, Kenya. It has obtained a license from the Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya under License №0000269, which enables it to offer betting services in Kenya.

SportyBet Customer Care and Contacts  

SportyBet provides customer support services to its users. You can reach SportyBet customer care by telephone or by sending an email. In addition, you can contact customer care for assistance if you encounter any issues with their platform.



Sportybet is a website where you can bet on different sports anywhere and anytime. It’s secure, trustworthy, and provides a fun experience. Sportybet is a good choice if you want to bet on sports. You can use the company’s special offers to make your sports betting fun and earn more money. So if you want to enjoy betting on your favorite sports, join Sportybet platform today!

Sportybet Welcome Bonus Yes No Link
MozzartBet Accumulator Bonus yes no Link
1xBet 20,000 KES Yes Yes Link
22bet 15,000 KES Yes No Link

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log into my Sportybet account?
Go to the SportyBet website and click on the right corner at the “Login” option.
Did Sportybet close in Kenya?
No, Sportybet is available in Kenya.
How do I know my User ID on Sportybet?
Your customer ID is the phone number you used during the registration process. If you want to check which number you registered, go to “My account” section, and it will show.
Can I create two SportyBet accounts with one number?
No, it is not possible. A person with more accounts than one number is treated as a fraud.
Why is SportyBet not working on my phone?
If you are facing a problem with the app, don’t worry. First, re-download or check for updates in the play or app store; if it still doesn’t work, contact customer service teams.

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