How to Withdraw Money From SportyBet in Kenya

January 9, 2024 05:09PM
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Simplicity is a virtue. This wisdom comes to your mind as you become acquainted with the bookmakerߴs withdrawal functionality.

Devoid of numerous verification steps, the procedure is as simple and fast as possible.

Read on to learn how to withdraw money from SportyBet Kenya and stay fully content.

What Is SportyBet, and Why Become Its Customer?

What Is SportyBet, and Why Become Its Customer?

Letߴs start with a brief overview to understand who we are dealing with in this article.

SportyBet is a high-profile sports-oriented gambling platform that allows you to stake online on the most significant events in the world of sports and esports. Hereߴs only a short list of things you can have a shot at:

  • Baseball
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Ice Hockey
  • Counter-Strike
  • Dota 2

If your appetite comes with eating, you can wager in real-time by selecting diverse sporting events in the Live Betting tab of the website. And if you want to compete with a random number generator, you can always choose a game from the available instant or scheduled virtual competitions.

As soon as you sign up and become the bookieߴs customer, you get the following perks unlocked:

  • A rich choice of betting markets
  • Compelling promo campaigns
  • Sublime Jackpot prizes
  • Intuitive mobile applications
  • Cash out and partial cash out
  • 100% legal and safe play
  • Detailed how-tos on the site
  • Full-fledged customer support

Whatߴs more, many punters will be won over by the fact that the company is an official partner and regional sponsor of Real Madrid and Manchester City football clubs.

Ways to Withdraw Money From SportyBet

Ways to Withdraw Money From SportyBet

The sportsbook has always been on the lookout for the most universal and efficient payment systems so that its customers can pick the low-hanging fruit.

Apparently, such a one-size-fits-all solution has been found in Kenya, where players can pull out their winnings using M-PESA by Safaricom.

As the leading countryߴs mobile money service, it perfectly serves its purpose on the site, allowing you to deposit to SportyBet and withdraw funds easily and swiftly.

Adding Airtel—another popular service—to the platformߴs payment options is on the companyߴs roadmap for the nearest future.

Through M-PESA

As just mentioned, M-PESA is the main and, so far, the only Betway withdrawal partner in Kenya. So now, you can only withdraw your earnings if you have registered your M-PESA account.

Before withdrawal, itߴs critical to take a close look at the requirements for this payment operation set by the bookmaker.

Maximum amount per withdrawalMaximum amount to withdraw per dayProcessing timeCarrier fees
150,000 KES300,000 KESImmediate (up to 70,000 KES per day)15 KES per withdrawal below 500 KES

How to Withdraw Money From SportyBet via SMS

A nice little touch on the website is withdrawing via SMS. 

You can withdraw money by sending a text message with the proper amount and your M-PESA PIN code to 29123. In case of a successful withdrawal, youߴll get a confirmation from M-PESA.

For example, your SportyBet SMS may look like this: “withdraw#1000#7777.”

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How to Withdraw From SportyBet in Kenya?

How to Withdraw From SportyBet in Kenya?

For starters, there is one essential thing that needs to be well-noted.

The mobile phone number you use to withdraw winnings via M-PESA must be the same as the phone number you use to join SportyBet and later on to log in to the platform.

Each customer must take care of the accuracy of the data provided. This is the key to successful withdrawals and gambling on the site as a whole. 

Guidelines to Withdraw Funds Through the Site

First, weߴll guide you through the SportyBet withdrawal process for the case when you use the sportsbook via a browser.

1. Step 1

Sign in to the platform using your mobile number/username and password.

2. Step 2

Hover over “My Account” in the site header to open the drop-down menu.

3. Step 3

Choose “Withdraw,” input the amount, and press the “Withdraw” button. Once confirmed, the money will be instantly credited to your M-PESA account.
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Guidelines to Withdraw Funds Through the Mobile App

Now, if youߴre a lucky user of the free SportyBet App, these instructions will come in handy when your stakes bring you your first winnings. 

  1. Open the app under your SportyBet account and tap on your profile menu at the bottom right.
  2. Select “Withdraw” and enter your amount and push the green “Withdraw” button once again.
  3. Confirm the transaction to complete it successfully.

Checking Your SportyBet Account Balance

Checking your balance on the platform does not require you to do anything special.

As soon as you sign in, your account balance is displayed in the most noticeable area in the siteߴs header. To the right of the amount are an eye icon for privacy and a refresh button.

Guidelines to Check Your Account Balance via SMS

It may happen that you need to know your SportyBet account balance, but at this very moment, there is no way to go to the website or the mobile app to check it.

The company has anticipated such a situation and added a feature of checking the balance via SMS. 

You only need to send the word “balance” using an SMS short code, as in the example below.

Example of an SMS Code

So to check the account balance, you text “balance” to 29123. 

In response, you get a message from the bookmaker with the current balance amount and information about your gifts available for betting.

How to Withdraw Money Successfully From SportyBet

How to Withdraw Money Successfully From SportyBet

Given the simplicity and clarity of the withdrawal procedure on the website, there is no doubt you will be successful in this money transfer.

However, to pave the way to success and avoid possible roadblocks, we have prepared some tips and tricks for SportyBet users.

  • Make sure youߴre logged in with your mobile phone number and password.
  • Use the same number as your SportyBet username and your M-PESA account.
  • Double-check that the requested amount is actually available on your balance.
  • Ensure that the amount is within the minimum allowable limit for withdrawal.
  • Сheck that the amount is within the single and daily withdrawal limits.
  • Withdraw money only to your M-PESA account from which you make deposits.
  • Wager the full amount of your deposit before requesting a withdrawal. 

If the last item on the list above is not met, SportyBet may charge a fee to cover all subsequent costs or reduce the withdrawal amount accordingly. 

Customer Support in Kenya

Sportybet Customer Support in Kenya

Say you carefully followed all the guidelines keeping our tips and tricks in mind, but your withdrawal request is still not processed. Who you gonna call? 

Right, support service. SportyBet customer care stands by your interests and rescues you whenever you encounter a difficulty while playing—be it a withdrawal, a deposit, or any other gambling aspect.

Considering the different communication habits of its customers, the company provides extensive support through a range of channels.

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Final Thoughts

SportyBet proves: it is possible to make the withdrawal procedure straightforward without compromising the security of your transaction and personal data.

When selecting its payment options, the Kenyan bookmaker places a bet on the one that is more popular and trusted everywhere in the region. And this bet evidently wins.

Withdrawing funds from your betting account is easy to remember and follow, and even if something goes wrong, the support team will always be able to cope with it.

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What is happening to SportyBet in Kenya?
The M-PESA service went offline and was temporarily unavailable for Kenyan users. Now, everything is back and working perfectly.
Why am I unable to withdraw from SportyBet?
There may be several reasons for this, so first, you should check the following:
  • Youߴre logged in with the correct mobile number and password.
  • You use the correct M-PESA account details for withdrawal.
  • The amount youߴre trying to withdraw is available on your balance.
  • You request an amount that is within the established withdrawal limits.
If you have complied with all of the above, contact the companyߴs customer service.
Who is the highest winner on SportyBet?
Mr. Bayoa, a Nigerian punter, has recently won 50 million NGN on SportyBet, which is about 15 million KES. 
Has anyone won a jackpot on SportyBet?
Certainly, yes. Winning a SportyBet jackpot is not something impossible or unbelievable. For instance, Kenyan players have won jackpots ranging from 1 to 5 million KES. 
What is the maximum deposit in SportyBet?
The bookmaker sets limits not so much on deposits but on transactions made. So the maximum single transaction should not exceed 150,000 KES, and the maximum amount of transactions per day shouldnߴt be more than 300,000 KES.

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