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November 6, 2022 03:31PM
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SportyBet is a truly Kenyan bookmaking company based in Nairobi with a valid license to provide sports betting and gambling services. Many Kenyans have tried this platform out, and a good number of them have eventually chosen SportyBet as their main betting website for daily use. Nowadays, each bookmaker is obliged to have a mobile application, and in this regard, SportyBet has something to show us. In this article, we’re going to review one of the most promising Kenyan applications for sports wagering—the SportsBet App.

If you want a more detailed and in-depth assessment of all the features the bookmaker offers, follow the text link and find out comprehensive info about SportyBet.

Application Design

The SportyBet app has been designed to meet all modern requirements for quality software. The coloring won’t bother or annoy you, as the app utilizes a combination of eye-pleasing red, maroon, and standard black & white shades. All the functions that you will be looking for will be found without any problems since developers have primarily focused on the intuitive clarity of the app for each user. We’re pretty more than sure that the SportyBet app will fulfill your expectations, if not exceed them.

Features of the Mobile App

SportyBet features are not tied to using them only on your computer with a browser. Much to our delight, all perks, features, and services present on the website are adapted for the mobile application. For instance, both cash-out and live-betting, which are recognized for their complexity, work as smoothly as on the site. Payments are also not redirected to the browser but conducted within the app. Notifications are something that is available exclusively on the app, meaning you can set up pushes for everything that’s in your interests. Let’s say you can enable winning notifications, and the second your bet is settled, you’ll see it on your screen.


Contacting Customer Support

Whenever you face an issue that’s bothering you, the customer care team will be pleased to help you resolve your problem. Unfortunately, SportyBet does not support a live chat, but you are more than welcome to seek assistance via email, phone call, or direct message on Facebook. You’re free to write to them and call them at any time of day or night because they are always on duty without time off and will follow up to ensure that you receive the most qualified treatment every time. If you are not into talking to people, you can try searching for an answer in the FAQ on the lightweight variant of the site. The most common problems and basic actions are explained there in detail, so perhaps you’ll solve the issue on your own.

Pros and Cons Detected in the SportyBet App

Just like any other software, the app shares its own weak and strong sides. Taking each one into consideration, the quality can’t really be questioned, and many unbiased reviews proves just that. Let’s take a closer look these points:

  1. Swift and consistent performance.
  2. Does not consume heaps of MB of your internet traffic.
  3. Notifications about your previous bets and other events of your choice.
  4. In-game betting.
  5. Takes up a tiny bit of the storage space on your device.
  6. Built-in payment options.
  1. Does not support iOS devices.
  2. Modest representation of betting markets, and, sadly, only one’s offered for eSports.
  3. Lack of live-streaming.
  4. Lack of live-chat.

How to Download and Install the SportyBet App

In case you decided to load the SportyBet app, you’ve probably made the right decision. The outstanding features of the application and its beautiful simplicity entice every punter, no matter the level of experience. In the following paragraphs, we’ll explain how to set up SportyBet on your device.

Android Version of the App

Here you can find the simplest way to obtain SportyBet on your Android device:

1. Open SportyBet
Navigate to the SportyBet official website and press on the “App” tab near the “Register” button. Then, hit “Download for Free.”
2. Download
Tap the link that appears after the main button if your device is an Android 4.x device. Make sure your device enables the downloading and installation of files from untrusted sources.
3. Install
Open “Downloads” and tap on the APK file to activate it. Wait until the installation is finished. Done!

As you can see, the entire process is pretty intuitive, and there aren’t many things that can go wrong. SportyBet, as a company that respects its customers, provides a couple of additional alternatives to downloading the APK. The first one is scanning a QR-code, which is published at the bottom of the “App” tab on the website. Another one is pasting a direct link in the browser search box, so you don’t really need to go through the tabs and search for what to click on. The direct link is “” and can be used with any modern browser.


iOS Version: SportyBet App for iPhone 

We have been waiting for this event for a long time, and finally, Kenyan punters can download the SportyBet app for iPhone. No more betting on the mobile version of the website with a clumsy interface, poor navigation tools, and other problems. Now you can download the app and get an incredible betting experience on the go. Check out the installation guide below: 

1. Open the Website and Access the App Page 
Visit the official SportyBet website with your iPhone or iPad. Once you have opened the main page, look in the right corner and click on the “App” button. There will be two options for iOS and Android devices.
2. Download the App
Once you have accessed the “Apps” page, click on “Download iOS for free”, and the page will redirect you to the official App Store page with the SportyBet app. Click on “Get” to start the download.
3. Open the App and Login 
The application will download as usual, and the icon will appear on the Home screen. Click the icon to launch the app. The interface is similar to the website version. Click on “Login” and enter your details.

SportyBet Desktop Application 

If you prefer to bet on your desktop and get the benefits of traditional betting, you would need to access the website or download the app. Unfortunately, the desktop application is not provided by SportyBet. But you can still get all the benefits of playing through the website. 

System Requirements

sportybet System Requirements

As we briefly mentioned above, the SportyBet application is well-designed and optimized for the comfortable use of a device with average characteristics. Let’s examine the main requirements for mounting the app on your phone:

System Requirements for Android

  • At least 20 megabytes of device memory
  • Version of Android 4.x or higher
  • Stable internet connection

System Requirements for iOS

The app is perfect for those who value time and convenience. As a result, SportyBet has finally released the app for its iPhone users. The app has similar functionality to the Android versions of the app, offering excellent betting options, a huge sportsbook and bonuses. However, your device should be ready to download the app as it has minimum requirements:

  • 97,8 MB of free space on the phone. 
  • iOS 13.0 or higher. 
  • Stable internet connection. 


If you happen to not have a SportyBet account yet, this is the perfect place for you, as we’re about to explain how to quickly sign up. The following step by step description of the process can be applied to both the SportyBet site and the application. Finally, the steps themselves:

Register with Your Phone Number

1. Go to SportyBet
Browse the official SportyBet webpage or launch the app, then hit the “Register” button.
2. Provide Your Data
Enter your telephone number and create a password to secure your personal account. When done, click on “Create New Account.”
3. Confirm
Verify your phone number using the digits that are sent as a short message to your number. Done!

Sign Up With Facebook

There are lots of rumors on the Internet that you can somehow sign up for SportyBet with your Facebook account. Unfortunately, we’re aiming to dispel this misconception and tell you right away that SportyBet does not support such a feature. You can only create a profile on the main website or the app with your actual contact number.

Identity Verification

Although establishing a new account is not a big deal, there’s one more barrier that you have to overcome in order to enable every available function. And here, we’re talking about the withdrawals. According to the local laws, only fully verified accounts are eligible for taking money out of an account on the bookmaker’s website. Thus, it’s crucial to fill out every designated field in the account settings, including your name, surname, birthday, address, and e-mail address. At any point of your experience, SportyBet retains the right to request your ID or passport to make sure you’re who you claim to be. Usually, the customer care specialists will directly contact you, but on some rare occasions they can simply request ID via e-mail.

The answer ahead of your question: It’s entirely safe to provide the bookmaker with such information. SportyBet has a license from Kenyan regulators, which means that the company has developed an acceptable level of security and safety protocols and that all of your data is out of danger.

Sports Line and Odds in the SportyBet Kenya App

Sports Line and Odds in the SportyBet Kenya App

The joy and excitement of betting on the SportyBet App can’t be described in one sentence. Sports coverage and sports lines are partially responsible for that. Each day, you’re invited to make bets on more than 15 various sports, with quite an original set of complementary betting markets for each sporting discipline. You’ve got everything you need to have fun while watching your dearest sports games.

Betting on Football

Soccer is obviously the core sport of any African country, and Kenya is by no means an exception. Kenyan punters are known for their passion for football, which is exactly why SportyBet has such a great soccer representation on the platform. They simply like to foresee what customers would like to bet on and implement it on the website and app before punters even have a chance to ask for it.

Sports Betting in Real Time

The in-game betting function definitely deserves its own spot in our review, since this feature has been incredibly well implemented in the application. Most of the matches are grouped into more major categories based either on the country or league. Without any additional moves, you will see the time when the play began, the match ID, the current score, and updated odds for 1X2. The bet can be simply placed with a couple of taps, namely on the betting market and then on the confirmation button. As the genre dictates, the odds on live events are lower compared to the pre-match conditions, but it’s not something wrong or bad. The chances become more obvious the longer the play goes; thus, the odds are either way lower or way higher depending on who you are betting on.

Virtual Sports

Sportybet Virtual Sports

These types of games are never quite popular for betting. If you find yourself in a situation where you’re completely bored and there are no available real matches for wagering, which is already something that can’t really happen, you can try them out. You can find virtual soccer, virtual tennis, motorcycles, and much more. All possible actions are pretty well explained within the game, so you won’t experience any frustration along the way. A small remark here: we don’t really recommend playing virtual games and staking your own money there. But in case you wish to try—go ahead and don’t listen to us—the implementation is just great after all.

Jackpot Drawing in the SportyBet App

When you open the SportyBet app, you’ll see a special banner inviting you to participate in the SportyBet Jackpot. According to the rules, you’re asked to make a prediction for 12 games that are chosen by the bookmaker. The prediction should be expressed in the form of 1X2, meaning 12 outcomes for 12 soccer games. The prizes will be given for at least 10 correctly predicted games, and the jackpot for a total hit starts at 5 million KES. Previous jackpot results can be found on the same page, next to the “How to Play the Jackpot” section.


The odds are always something that could be described as average on SportyBet. They are neither high nor low, just somewhere in the middle. If you compare them to global international bookmakers, they will appear quite low-ish, but when you conduct the same process with recently opened bookies, the odds will seem quite decent. As always, it’s just a question of perspective. Generally, it’s definitely not the weak point of the platform, and under a certain angle, it may even appear as a strong side.

Deposit Methods

Sportybet Deposit Methods

SportyBet accepts only one deposit method, which is M-Pesa. If you’d like to top up your account, just do as follows:

1. Open the App
Launch the SportyBet mobile application and verify that you’re logged in.
2. Deposit
Hit the “Deposit” button in the account settings. Select Mobile Money, and then specify the amount you’d like to invest.
3. Confirm
Tap on the “Top Up Now” button. Done!

Don’t focus on the fact that SportyBet does not provide a long list of payment options. It’s better to highlight that they have decided to implement the most popular one among Kenyan bettors. After all, it doesn’t require lots of time to create an e-wallet, which can be quite useful not only for sports betting, but also for other potential needs.

How to Place Bets Through the App

How to Place Bets Through the Sportybet App

Making wagers on the main website is a pretty enjoyable process, since every little detail was taken into consideration when SportyBet was still in the works. Wagering will be much more exciting because the principles of convenience have been put into the app, and each punter with any level of experience will make a stake within a couple of taps. Right down below, you can sneak a peek at how it should be done:

1. Run the App
Launch the SportyBet mobile application on your mobile device and check that you’re authorized. Also verify that you have enough funds on your account.
2. Pick an Event
Tap on the “A-Z menu” icon and find a match you’d want to wager on with the help of the search function or by picking the appropriate sport, league, and eventually the game.
3. Make Your Selection
Select the most alluring betting market, then include it on the betslip. Enter the amount you want to bet on the bet slip. Check all of the information again before confirming the bet slip by clicking the green “Place Bet” button.

As you can clearly see, betting with SportyBet is quite a doable thing, and the entire action, which can be done within 2–3 minutes, will not distract you from the daily routine, your work, or even further viewing of your beloved sports matches.

Betting Limits

SportyBet, as a trustworthy and open bookmaking company, has set clear restrictions on the possible sizes of wagers and winnings. Down below, you’ll find the table with betting limits:

the lowest stake 1 kenyan shilling
the highest stake 500,000 kenyan shillings
the highest payout for a wager 6,000,000 kenyan shillings
the highest total winnings per day 15,000,000 kenyan shillings

Withdrawal Methods

Sportybet Withdrawal Methods

Once again, when it comes to payment methods, SportyBet displays a lack of options, but ultimately you need only one method that is convenient to you. Just like with deposits, M-Pesa is the one and only e-wallet that is accepted by SportyBet. Let’s take a look at how withdrawals are generally carried out:

1. Open the app
Launch the SportyBet mobile application and check that you’re logged in.
2. Withdraw
On the account page, click “Withdrawal.” Your associated M-Pesa account will be filled in automatically. Proceed by entering the amount you wish to take out.
3. Confirm
Confirm the transfer by hitting “Withdraw.”

Take a couple of things into consideration. The lowest withdrawal amount for SportyBet is 10 Kenyan shillings, and in case you’re taking out less than 500 Kenyan shillings, you’ll be asked to pay a fee of 15 KES. The funds will be credited to the M-Pesa account instantly once you approve the transfer. And last but not least, the highest amount of daily withdrawal per user is limited to 70,000 Kenyan shillings per day.


SportyBet appears to be a decent Kenyan bookmaker with large sports coverage, appealing promotions, and a nice customer service team. Your great impression of SportyBet can only be overshadowed by the modest representation of payment methods, but apart from that, everything’s done with deep care for customers and a bright desire to provide satisfaction from sports betting. The SportyBet app, which we’ve reviewed in depth, is also something that will serve you well and help you get the most out of your time spent on the app. Hopefully, we’ve covered all your questions, and in case you still have some, check out the FAQ section down below. And as always, remember to play responsibly.


Is the SportyBet app available on the Play Store?
Unfortunately, it’s not present on the Play Store. You have the option to get the SportyBet app directly from the main website.
Why is SportyBet not opening on my phone?
Check to make sure you have a stable internet connection and an up-to-date version of the app. If that’s not the problem and the Sportybet website is currently live (not in maintenance), we’d recommend you re-install the application.
How do I update my SportyBet app?
Run the app, jump to the account page, and find a function called “Check Update” at the bottom of the current tab.
How do I open a SportyBet account?
You can sign up on the website and on the mobile app. Check out our guide to registration above, right on this page.
Why is my SportyBet account blocked?
Any SportyBet account can be temporarily or permanently suspended due to a long list of reasons. Some of them are breach of usage rules, suspicion of fraud, unverified identity, or suspicion of identity fraud. Make sure to contact the customer service team for a clear explanation of the situation.
Who owns SportyBet?
SportyBet is a global bookmaking company with Sudeep Ramnani in charge. He’s the founder and CEO of the international SportyBet group.

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