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January 25, 2024 01:01PM
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If you are already an experienced bettor or familiar with the Kenyan betting industry, then you have probably heard about the MozzartBet company. This sports betting platform is really popular among local bettors for providing excellent services and great betting offers. Sports enthusiasts adore it since it offers them all the main betting options that all bettors wish for when looking for a betting website. Besides having really cool sports betting features, the bookie also provides amazing bonuses and promotions to its members, which we will discover in today’s article. Let’s go! 

What Are the MozzartBet Bonuses in Kenya?

What Are the MozzartBet Bonuses in Kenya?

Bettors, without a doubt, adore bonuses and promotions for giving them the possibility to profit from a more profitable betting experience and boosting their winnings on the platform. These offers are available to all sports enthusiasts and are totally free to use since they are basically gifts offered by the bookmaker.

Most MozzartBet bonuses were developed to help new bettors familiarize themselves with the website, and expert bettors benefit from exclusive offers. At the moment, the organization has a collection of nearly 17 different bonuses, which is an incredible number for the Kenyan betting industry since most bookmakers only provide a few of them or don’t have any at all. Without further ado, we suggest diving into the subject and checking out all the company’s promotional offers. 

Sports Betting Bonuses

The bookie’s promotional offers are divided into different categories since the company provides sports betting services and casino games, jackpots, and other exciting types of entertainment. However, most of the platform’s users join the sportsbook mainly for its sports betting services, and the major audience of this website consists primarily of sports bettors. Let’s take a look at the most popular sports betting bonuses accessible on the platform at the moment. 

  • Bonus 1000

Casino Bonuses

As stated previously, besides providing sports betting services, the MozzartBet company also offers casino games and slot machines. Members may feel free to take advantage of those games anytime they wish to and also benefit from incredible bonuses and promotions on this type of entertainment. Luckily, the company didn’t focus only on providing sports betting bonuses but also provided a decent array of casino bonuses. Here are the most well-liked casino offers at the moment:


Loyalty Offers

Another interesting category of bonuses is the loyalty incentives category. These offers are provided to regular MozzartBet clients who take part in betting or casino activities on the platform on a daily basis. We may also consider some of these offers as constant offers that are not limited by specific time frames, are always displayed on the website, and are free to access at any time. At the moment, there are only a few of them since these MozzartBet promotions remain on the website constantly, but we promise you that they are very appealing. 


TOP MozzartBet Bonuses

After discovering most of the MozzartBet bonuses quickly, we suggest a more detailed overview. Our team of experts gathered a list of the most gripping and profitable perks worth a great review, and their main characteristics are analyzed, too. Also, most of these offers are really popular among Kenyan bettors since they consider them beneficial and allow them to boost their betting experience. Let’s take a look at this list! 

Bonus 1000

Bonus 1000 is probably one of the most appreciated promotional offers on the MozzartBet betting website since it permits bettors to earn ten times larger winnings than usual. Quite attractive, huh? The thing that makes this bonus interesting is that it is limited by time frames in which users may profit from higher winnings than usual. Basically, this promotional offer allows bettors to obtain a bonus of 2% in normal time and up to 1000% during the “happy hour.” 

How Does It Work?

As stated previously, the Bonus 1000 is available only during happy hours, which occur two times a day between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. and between 8:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. During this period, you may place bets on matches with odds greater than 1.35 and put at least three of them in your bet slip to profit from higher winnings.


This offer basically consists of forecasting the outcome of 20 football matches, which are selected in advance by Mozzart Bet. By guessing the final results correctly, you have the opportunity to participate in a gigantic jackpot, the prize of which is fixed at 200 million KES. The reward is usually shared equally between the winners of the offer.

Members who correctly predict the 0, 17, 18, and 19 matches may also profit from a prize that will be shared equally among the winners, like the previous one. 

How Does It Work?

Correctly predict the outcome of the 20 football matches given by the bookie. You are not allowed to include more or less than 20 games in your ticket to participate, and all the tickets should be received in advance. 

The minimum stake is 50 Ksh for one outcome; however, you have the possibility to bet on several combinations.

Mozzart Refund CASH BACK

The cash back feature is highly appreciated, and we strongly recommend checking it out. If you ever wished to get the money you placed on an unsuccessful bet back, then this offer is for you. The company basically gives you the opportunity to win a lost bet and get a refund on it, depending on the odds of the match. 

How Does It Work?

Simply place a multi-bet with a minimum of 4 games in your bet slip, and if you lose one of the games in your wager, MozzartBet will refund you depending on the odds and the amount you placed. Here is the Mozzart refund table, which indicates the amount of money you may get back. 

Winning odds 29 and aboveMultiplied by 1 
Winning odds 59 and aboveMultiplied by 2
Winning odds 99 and aboveMultiplied by 5

You may take a look at the whole table on the bookie’s website.


This is what we truly call a loyalty offer. As long as you are regularly using the MozzartBet platform or have had up-to-date activity on the website for at least one year and a half, you will be rewarded with a random bonus each Monday. 

How Does It Work?

Simply profit from your activity on the platform and place bets regularly, and the organization will offer you a bonus each Monday of the week. To claim it, enter your profile, navigate to the bonus section, confirm the bonus, and enjoy. 

Get Free Bets as Welcome Bonus



We have already quickly reviewed the MOZZART SUPER GRAND JACKPOT, but this offer is so gigantic that we decided to explain it in detail. 

You already know that the main rule for winning this jackpot is to correctly predict the outcome of 20 football matches that the company preselects, and even though the rules seem pretty simple, many details should be discussed. 

The company fixed its reward at 200 million KES, and this sum will not be offered to one single winner but will be divided among other bettors who successfully guessed the results. However, in the event that a match gets canceled or postponed, games will be calculated with odds of 1.00. For example, if you get 19 correct predictions but one of your matches gets postponed, your winnings will be equal to 60,000,000 KES, and so on. 

Bettors have two different ways to participate in the competition, and you may join it via the website or by sending an SMS to the 29990 number. Here is how to do it via the website.

1. Browse the Website

Open the MozzartBet website and opt for the games preselected by the bookmaker.

2. Predict the Outcomes

Make your predictions for all the matches and place a wager of at least 50 KES.

3. Confirm Your Wager

Add the games to your betslip, confirm your bet, and await the results of the matches.
Get Free Bets as Welcome Bonus

What Are the Benefits of Using MozzartBet Bonus

What Are the Benefits of Using MozzartBet Bonus

The MozzartBet company has different reasons to provide bonuses to its members, but the main one is surely the aspiration to make its customers’ experiences more enjoyable and diverse and boost their winnings on the site. 

By taking advantage of the company’s promotions, members may take part in different contests, games, and MozzartBet jackpot bonuses and may have the opportunity to enhance their winnings. Some offers are meant to directly boost users’ winnings by offering them higher odds or multiplying their stakes, for example. Other perks permit users to have higher casino winnings and more chances to win. Here is a short list of the main advantages of using the MozzartBet bonuses.

  • Boost winnings
  • Get cash back on lost bets
  • Opportunity to win a gigantic sum 
  • Enhance chances of winning 

Comparison of MozzartBet  Bonuses with Other Wagering Companies’ Bonuses

Comparison of MozzartBet  Bonuses with Other Wagering Companies' Bonuses

While exploring the MozzartBet platform, we were surprised to discover that the company has such a great bonus collection, which is hard to say about other betting companies available in the Kenyan market. The MozzartBet website has a library of 17 different promotional offers, including not only sports betting ones but also casino and loyalty bonuses that are very appealing compared to other promotions on the market. Some betting companies in Kenya don’t have such a large array; some organizations don’t even provide bonuses at all.

The MozzartBet company has done a great job of providing an array of bonuses this large, and this act surely speaks for itself by demonstrating the company’s attitude towards its clients. So we can say that Mozzartbet really cares about its customers’ experience on the website.

How to Get and Use Promo Codes at MozzartBet

Kenyan betting platforms have different ways of providing bonuses to their members, including the promo code type of offer. Promo codes may be entered on the bookie’s website to access exclusive offers and appealing bonuses; they are usually located either on the company’s website or may be found online as referral promo codes. However, the MozzartBet company doesn’t have this type of offer.

Review of Free Bets on MozzartBet

Review of Free Bets on MozzartBet

If you haven’t already heard about free bets, we will quickly explain them to you. 

Free bets are basically a sort of bonus given by the sportsbook to its members; instead of offering cash directly, the platform converts this money into the possibility of placing bets for free at the company’s expense. Free bets are usually stored on your personal balance and may be used to perform any betting activity on the website as long as you spend this money on the platform. Some companies offer free bets to new bettors instantly as they join the platform, which is a very popular kind of offer; other bookies simply have similar promotions. 

The MozzartBet website also has free bet offers, but they are usually offered during jackpot promotions or the Happy Monday bonus program.

Get Free Bets as Welcome Bonus


How to Get and Use Free Bets on MozzartBet

If you wish to get free bets on the MozzartBet platform, we suggest you take a look at all the promotions available on the website and regularly take part in jackpots. The company often organizes contests and lotteries that permit you to win cash prizes in the form of free bets. For example, you may take part in the Happy Monday program, where the bookie often grants its users interesting cash prizes that may be used on the platform. 


Mozzartbet Conclusion

After exploring the MozzartBet platform, we may assure you that this sportsbook really cares about its customers and their preferences. The company provided more than enough bonuses and promotions to its members so that they could profit the most from the platform and boost their betting experience. Bettors have at their disposal a library of 17 different bonuses that will allow them to earn great winnings and increase their betting level. 

We highly appreciate the bookie’s efforts and recommend bettors take a look at the company’s offers because they are absorbing and profitable. Besides, the organization offers not only sports betting bonuses but also casino ones and regularly organizes jackpots for all users. 

In this MozzartBet review, we gathered most of the data regarding the organization’s bonuses and promos, but if you still have any questions, please feel free to check the FAQ below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the terms and conditions for MozzartBet?
The terms and conditions may be accessed on the bookie’s official website.
What is the first deposit bonus on MozzartBet?
At the moment, there is no such offer available. 
What is the maximum payout in MozzartBet in Kenya?
It is KES 20,000,000.
Who owns MozzartBet Kenya?
Dejan Cirovic is the CEO of the company.
Has anyone ever won the Mozzart Daily Jackpot?
Absolutely, and you can as well!
Does MozzartBet have promo codes?
Unfortunately, there is no MozzartBet promo code available.

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