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January 29, 2024 02:54PM
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The world changed dramatically during the last decade, providing us with excellent online and offline betting opportunities. Numerous bookmakers have appeared, creating great competition and pushing themselves to new levels of development. One such sophisticated bookmaker is MozzartBet, with millions of fans around the globe. The reason for such popularity is its extensive sportsbook with thousands of monthly events, incredible betting markets, live betting options, a bunch of promotions for beginners and active bettors, and convenient deposit and withdrawal methods. So, on the following page, we’ll look at the withdrawal options at MozzartBet and how to withdraw your money in the easiest way possible. 

What Is MozzartBet and Why Should You Choose It?

What Is MozzartBet and Why Should You Choose It?

Today, Kenyan bettors may evaluate the platform as top-level, as it is in line with modern betting standards and even more. Let’s take a closer look at the platform’s main features that will attract you to join the sports betting at MozzartBet. 

  • License. This bookie and its fantastic sportsbook are licensed by the independent local betting and lottery commissions in Kenya. In general, this is a great sign of the trustworthiness of this platform, as it has reliable regulators behind its brand. As a result, all Kenyan players may rest assured that their personal information, account balances, and banking details are secure. 
  • Live betting and sports. The sportsbook is known for its live betting options and a massive range of football, basketball, tennis, baseball, and other sports matches. There are even hot eSports tournaments on CS:GO, Dota 2, LoL, Valorant, and other games. 
  • Convenient withdrawal methods. Even though there aren’t many methods available, Kenan players may take their winnings out of the sportsbook balance and spend them on whatever they want.

This is just a tiny part of the company’s features, and if you want to familiarize yourself with a full MozzartBet review, click the link in the text to read about it. 

Withdrawal Methods at MozzartBet 

Withdrawal Methods at MozzartBet 

After you have completed the registration, deposit, and sports betting, it’s time to withdraw your winnings or cash out your remaining funds and take a break. Basically, there are three ways to withdraw money from MozzartBet. The first is more traditional and requires you to visit your nearest betting shop. The second option is to use your M-Pesa account and get your money, similar to a deposit. The third option is to request a withdrawal by sending an SMS. So let’s take a more detailed look at them.

Bet Shop 

MozzartBet offline shops are spread all over Nairobi. So if you live nearby, you have the option of visiting the shop and requesting a withdrawal in front of the cashier. Some of you will find this method convenient if you want to get cash. However, you’ll have to leave your place of residence.


What could be more convenient than using M-Pesa to withdraw your winnings from MozzartBet? With M-Pesa, you don’t have to pay any service fees, the transaction is instant, and the money will be in your wallet. Once transaction is approved, you will receive a notification from MozzartBet and M-Pesa.

Withdrawing Funds via SMS

You may place a bet on your favorite team by sending an SMS code to MozzartBet. In addition to an excellent website and mobile application, players may place bets directly without an Internet connection by sending the code. Unfortunately, there are no codes that allow you to make financial transactions. There is only one way you may withdraw your winnings, and it is M-Pesa wallet. 

How to Withdraw From MozzartBet in Kenya?

How to Withdraw From MozzartBet in Kenya?

As we’ve already mentioned the possible withdrawal methods, you have several options. In general, withdrawal at the betting site is a tough part of your betting journey, and there are always pitfalls along the way. However, if you’re going to use your step-by-step tutorial, it won’t be hard to mess up and do something wrong. 

Start Betting with MozzartBet

Instructions for Withdrawing Funds Through the Site

If you still prefer to bet online rather than via SMS and in-store, here is a quick guide to withdrawing your money from the bookmaker’s account and transferring it to your M-Pesa wallet. Take into account waiting times and the currency you want to use. Also, check the minimum and maximum limit requirements to ensure your request isn’t rejected. 

1. Register on the Website and Login

One of the first steps in your betting journey is to create an account. You’ll need to provide your full name, phone number, and email address to register. Remember to confirm your phone number by entering the SMS code and your email address from your email box. Then, log into your account.

2. Verify Your Account 

This is one of the most significant steps you may take. It’s required for your safety and the bookmakers’ policy. You will be asked to send a photo of your documents. Basically, the purpose of the verification is to identify your age and your compliance with the terms and conditions of the regulator. And you won’t be able to withdraw funds before an account is verified. 

3. Select “Withdraw” in the Account Section. 

To initiate the request, you need to open your account profile settings and find the withdrawal section. When you click on it, you will be redirected to the page with all available payment options, including M-Pesa. 

4. Select M-Pesa and Fill in All Fields 

Open the M-Peas menu, enter your phone number, account ID, and the amount you want to withdraw (minimum 50 KSH), and you’ll be charged a 15 KSH withdrawal fee. Sometimes you only need to specify the withdrawal amount and nothing else. This takes into account that you have already linked your M-Pesa number to your MozzartBet account.  As soon as your funds are credited to your M-Pesa, you will also receive an SMS notification from your wallet and MozzartBet. 
Start Betting with MozzartBet

Instructions for Withdrawing Funds Through the Mobile App

Mobile betting appeared not many years ago, but it has already changed the whole industry. Today, mobile betting takes the largest share of users of the whole Internet betting. MozzartBet is no exception, as you may download an incredible application on your iOS or Android device. It offers the same payment methods as M-Pesa. Read on to find out how to withdraw your well-deserved winnings from the MozzartBet app. 

  1. Download and Install the App From the MozzartBet Official Website. Not surprisingly, the app needs to be downloaded to your mobile device. The only way you may do this is to download the app from the official website. There are versions for Android and iOS. Read the full step-by-step download and installation instructions on the MozzartBet app.
  2. Next, log into the account that you’ve already created on the website. If you don’t have an account yet, proceed with the registration directly in the app. Once you have your credentials on hand, log into your account.
  3. Now that you’re logged in, you’re ready to withdraw your funds. Go to your profile settings and find the “Withdraw” section. Click on it and select M-Pesa. Enter the amount you would like to withdraw, but not less than the minimum of 50 KES. Also, double-check the M-Pesa number you associate with your account. 
  4. Finish your withdrawal by clicking on the appropriate button. Your funds will be credited to your M-Pesa account within seconds. 

As you may see, the process is similar to a website. That’s why you need to meet similar requirements, such as complying with the minimum withdrawal amount and paying service fees.

How to Check Your MozzartBet Account Balance?

How to Check Your MozzartBet Account Balance?

Especially after sending money to your betting account, it’s necessary to find out if the money has arrived or not. Also, after you have won the bet and want to check the balance and possibly withdraw the winnings, it differs between the website, app, or SMS betting. So let’s look at the instructions that punters follow to check their balance.

Instructions on How to Check Your Account Balance via SMS or USSD

No matter how good your betting techniques are, it’s important to know the operational codes that help you see the balance. In general, players betting on the site may look at the top right corner of the site and see the current balance. It’s also possible to refresh it to see if money has been redeemed or come in. But SMS bettors, similar to how they place bets with codes, may see the balance by sending the letter “B” to 29990. Unfortunately, you may’t use USSD codes to make operations within the MozzartBet betting account. 

Examples of SMS Codes 

If you seriously decide to dive into the betting journey using SMS betting, you should know all the operation codes. They include codes to register, view upcoming matches, check the balance, reset the password, and other. 

  1. To create an account, send “WIN” to 29990.
  2. To see the upcoming events send “GAME” to 29990. 
  3. To check the balance, send “B” to 29990. 
  4. To reset your account password, send “RESET” to 29990. 

There are many more different codes for placing bets. You may find them all in the FAQ section of the MozzartBet website. In fact, betting by SMS is possible, and you will not even be bothered by the constant sending of SMS. 

Tips for Successfully Withdrawing Money From Your MozzartBet Account

Nobody wants to miss the opportunity to learn about the most common mistakes players make when requesting a withdrawal. Years of experience have shown us the mistakes players make when requesting a withdrawal. And we’re happy to talk about them in the next section. 

  • Read the T&Cs. 99% of players miss this important section for no reason. It is a treasure trove of useful material that answers the most common problems associated with unsuccessful cash-ins. 
  • Comply with age regulations. Betting in Kenya is regulated by law. Only adults over the age of 18 may legally participate in betting. 
  • Verify your account in advance. Make sure you send the verification documents to the administration area as soon as you register. The tricky part is that if you don’t verify your account, you won’t be able to request a withdrawal. So keep that in mind.

These are our recommendations to help you withdraw your money without any hesitation. Another tip is to be aware of the withdrawal limits and doesn’t forget the service charges if you are using M-Pesa. 

Start Betting with MozzartBet

MozzartBet Customer Service in Kenya 

MozzartBet Customer Service in Kenya 

The next paragraph is what we call the golden key to all answers. Even if you follow the instructions we show you, and even if you study the Internet articles on how to deposit, place bets, and withdraw money, there is always a chance that you will fall into the system’s trap and not find the solution. This is where customer support comes in. There are not many problems, but good customer support is crucial in such a sphere. MozzartBet has well-designed up-to-date customer support with a phone number, email, and an extensive FAQ section. 

0709168000 help@mozzartbet.co.ke


Mozzartbet Conclusion

If you are planning to join the betting journey with MozzartBet, you should always know the common financial practices, including the withdrawal guide. Here we’ve shown you the possible withdrawal options. It turns out that MozzartBet only has M-Pesa and SMS withdrawal options. And yes, you may visit the nearest betting shop in Nairobi and request a withdrawal there. All in all, MozzartBet is a solid bookmaker with well-designed betting options and a familiar interface. 


How do I deposit money into MozzartBet via M-PESA?
The first step is to open the M-Pesa menu and go to Lipa Na M-Pesa to enter the MozzartBet Paybill (290059). Then enter your account number and the amount you wish to deposit. 
How do I claim my bonus on MozzartBet?
Bonuses are only available to registered and authorized players. Just create an account, verify your phone number, and make a deposit. The bonus will be credited to your account balance. 
How do you win jackpot on MozzartBet?
Head to the official website and click on the Jackpot section at the top of the page. Read the current requirements and place the accumulator bet. The weekly jackpot is a bigger prize, but it’s harder to win.

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