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Whether you are an experienced bettor or just starting, MozzartBet includes everything you need to enjoy the thrill of betting. It offers a slick, contemporary design with a massive selection of games and prizes. Despite being introduced in late 2018, it has quickly gained popularity among Kenyan gamblers. In addition, customers of MozzartBet can place bets via SMS, which can be a quick and straightforward method if they don’t have access to the internet or the mobile app. 

We prepared a detailed review of how to bet on MozzartBet via SMS.

How to Bet via SMS 

How to Bet via SMS on Mozzartbet

You have to make some preliminary steps before placing your first bet on MozzartBet via SMS. First, of course, you must register, verify your account, and add some funds before you can proceed to wager.

Step 1: Sign up With the Bookie

Online Registration

  1. Go to the official MozzartBet site and pick the “Register” option on the top right.
  2. Enter your mobile phone number, then create and confirm your password.
  3. Accept the terms and conditions and the privacy policy and confirm you’re over 18.
  4. Take the CAPTCHA test and finalize the process by pushing the “Register” button.

Alternatively, you can register via the MozzartBet app using a similar algorithm.

Registration via SMS

Registration via SMS is very popular with Kenyan punters since many of them cannot boast a stable internet connection throughout the day. 

  1. Type the word “WIN” and send it to the shortcode 29990.
  2. Receive an incoming message with a PIN code and password.
  3. Now, you can log in with the received credentials or change the password.

Step 2: Verify Your Account

This process will take longer than the previous one, but you must complete it to place bets on MozzartBet.

  1. Sign in to the website, click on the menu, and select “My Account.”
  2. Opt for “Verify Account” and fill in your personal data as required.
  3. Upload a copy of your identity document, such as a passport or driver’s license.
  4. Your account will be verified as soon as your details and documents are checked.

Step 3: Top up Your Account

Spend a few minutes to credit your account with our step-to-step guide.

  1. Sign in to the Mozzart website or mobile app and go to the menu.
  2. Choose the deposit function from the menu and pick your preferred method.
  3. Insert the amount, select ”Deposit,” and follow the cues to credit your balance.

You can also deposit your account via SMS.

  1. Write a Message. Type “D,” which stands for “Deposit,” and the amount, e.g. “D100.”
  2. Send the message in the required format to the short number 29990.
  3. The funds will be deposited once you receive a confirmation message.

Step 4: Place Your Bet

Open the MozzartBet sportsbook, choose a game you want to gamble on and select your betting market. Next, decide whether you wish to place a single or multiple bet and proceed accordingly.

Start Betting with MozzartBet

Single Bet

So, a single bet is a wager on a particular outcome of a specific event. You win if your selection wins. Your winnings depend on the amount of bet and the odds of your chosen market. Your wager will be increased by the odds if your choice wins, and you will receive the winnings plus your original wager. This implies that your profit will increase with increased odds. Sportsbooks typically give better odds for the unlikely result. Single bets are common and offered on all betting markets. Ideal for novice gamblers, single bets are simple to understand and don’t involve any planning.

To place a single bet via SMS, follow the steps below:

1. Visit the Platform and Make Your Picking

Open the website or mobile app and head for the sports section. Decide on the event and its outcome and copy the game ID.

2. Text Your Prediction

Send an SMS in the format “GameID#Predict#Stake” to 29990.

3. Get Your Bet Accepted

The bet is accepted from the moment you receive an SMS confirmation.

Multi Bet

​​A multi-bet combines several single bets into a single stake, and the odds increase for each subsequent leg. The winning payout from each successful leg is staked on the following leg. The risk and the potential reward grow as the number of legs increases.  

Placing a multi-bet is a bit more complicated than processing a single wager.

  1. As in the case of a single bet, copy the IDs of the games and decide on the outcomes.
  2. Write a message as follows: “Multi#GameID1#Prediction1#GameID2#Prediction2#Amount.”
  3. Send the message to 29990 and get a confirmation in return.  

Other Queries

You can also send other inquiries to the MozzartBet shortcode 29990. See some of the examples below:

  • To get the available fixtures, send the word “GAME” to 29990.
  • If you want to see more games, send the word “NEXT” to 29990.
  • To get the Mozzart Daily Jackpot games, send the word “JP” to 29990.

How to Withdraw Money From MozzartBet via SMS

How to Withdraw Money From MozzartBet via SMS
  1. Type a Message. Type “W,” your withdrawal amount, and your PIN like this: “W# Amount # PIN.”
  2. Send your withdrawal request via SMS to the shortcode number 29990.
  3. Receive a message confirming that your withdrawal request is accepted. 

Your funds should be transferred to your mobile account within 10 to 15 minutes.

Steps to Check Your MozzartBet Balance via SMS

Steps to Check Your MozzartBet Balance via SMS

Since MozzartBet allows all transactions and operations to be executed via SMS, checking your balance can also be processed this way. It will take a couple of minutes tops.

  1. Create a Text. Type the word “BAL,” which stands for “Balance.”
  2. Request your balance by sending the SMS to 29990.
  3. Receive a reply message with your balance amount.

You can also inquire about your current winnings using almost the same method.

  1. Create a new SMS with the letter “W.”
  2. SMS your inquiry to the shortcode 29990.
  3. Receive an SMS report on your winnings. 

Important Aspects of SMS Betting

Mozzartbet Important Aspects of SMS Betting

Longer Processing Time

Transactions initiated via SMS may take longer than transfers and requests made through the MozzartBet website or via the app.

Preliminary Online Research Needed

To place a bet via SMS, you must spend some time online searching through all the games available at the moment, copying the ID of your chosen game, and selecting your prediction. Though you do not need an internet connection actually to place a bet, you need to google some matters before you can send your wager. 

Higher Transaction Costs

Due to higher fees imposed by your mobile service operator, betting via SMS may be more pricey than placing wagers online.

Do We Recommend Betting via SMS?

Do We Recommend Mozzartbet Betting via SMS?

Betting via SMS definitely has its perks. You can place bets quickly and hassle-free without a decent internet connection. However, operations via SMS are limited compared to the features offered by the website or the mobile app. Also, your mobile service provider may charge additional fees for sending SMS texts. To our mind, SMS betting is a decent option, especially if you lack access to other betting methods. It’s also important to keep in mind that MozzartBet offers a variety of alternatives for customers to place bets. For a more complete betting experience, you can also use the website or the mobile app.

Start Betting with MozzartBet


The bookie is undoubtedly one of the most well-liked in the nation. It offers a convenient and easy way to wager on your favorite sports. Due to its user-friendly interface, an extensive number of betting options, and quick and secure withdrawal options, MozzartBet is the perfect betting site for both seasoned and novice Kenyan bettors. In this article, we shared the guidelines for making different transactions on MozzartBet via SMS. It is a perfect method for those who do not have a stable internet connection. Use our tips to enhance your SMS betting experience with Mozzartbet.


How do I place a bet on MozzartBet?
Register with the bookie, verify your account, top it up, and open the sportsbook. Choose the sport you want to bet on, your desired betting market, and the odds. Confirm the bet and wait for it to be settled. You can read a detailed tutorial on how to place a bet in our MozzartBet review.
How much is the withdrawal fee for MozzartBet?
The withdrawal fee depends on your withdrawal method.
What is the maximum win in MozzartBet?
According to the platform’s terms and conditions, the maximum amount of winnings that may be paid out to a player is 1,000,000.00 KES. 
Who owns Mozzartbet?
Dejan Cirovic is the owner of MozzartBet.
How much is the MozzarBet jackpot?
Allegedly, the MozzartBet jackpot reaches KES 10,000,000. Your minimum stake is KES 30 only.

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