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May 27, 2024 01:19PM
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OdiBets offers a massive gaming lobby that includes popular crash games, such as Aviator. If you want to know more about betting on it at the OdiBets platform, then after reading this article prepared by our experienced team, you will learn all the vital facts and aspects of this popular game. In case you wish to know more about the company and its gambling entertainment, we advise you to read our Odibets casino review before this one.

About Aviator Game

About Odibet Aviator Game

Aviator was developed by the Spribe company and managed to gain many fans who are very enthusiastic about trying their luck using multiple strategies developed by more experienced players. Before you begin to wager, it is important to know all about the gameplay and the opportunities it offers users.

First of all, here you have a gaming field where a plane takes off and gradually gains altitude, simultaneously increasing the multiplier of your reward if you click on the right button in time to cash out the winnings.

The essence of the game is to be quick enough to cash out while the plane is at its highest point to deliver you the biggest multiplier before it flies away and leaves you zero winnings.

How to Start to Play Aviator Game at OdiBet Casino

How to Start to Play Aviator Game at 1xBet Casino

Since the game is majorly popular, many punters might already know how to play it. However, we will explain everything to beginners in detail to make their experience more pleasant.

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1. #1 Step: Launch the Game

On the OdiBets platform, click on the “Aviator” section on the upper panel or find the game in the “Casino” section.

2. #2 Step: Place a Stake

Next, you need to place a bet or two bets because the game allows it. Click on the “Start” button to let the plane take off and fly.

3. #3 Step: Cash Out

Catch the right moment before the plane flies away to have a chance to win more than you bet by clicking on the “Cash Out” button.

OdiBet Aviator Tricks & Tips

1xBet Aviator Tricks & Tips

Due to the popularity of Aviator, the Internet is full of various recommendations on how to win more when playing the game. However, not all of them are working the way you expect. Therefore, our experienced editorial team will provide some of our secret tips on how you can boost your skills:

  1. Paroli system. It is also a rare strategy among punters. After each victory, you need to double your amount. Thus, you have more opportunities to win bigger sums.
  2. Martingale tactics. This is a very easy strategy where you add the previously lost stake amount to a new bet, thus increasing it until the moment it wins. The tactics allow you to return all the money you lost and win more.
  3. D’Alembert strategy. It is a bit rarer than the Martingale one. However, it requires a player to add the same amount to the bet after the first one loses and remove this amount after the bet wins.

However, these are not all the tips on playing the OdiBets casino Aviator game we can share with our readers. There are other engaging tactics we can advise you to use to increase your overall rewards. Keep reading the article to learn more.

High Bets

Aiming for big multipliers is one of the widely used methods where once you make a bet, you need to wait until the plane reaches x3 or x5 multipliers. In every situation, high bets can be established based on the speculations of a player.

Low Bets

The opposite strategy includes aiming for small multipliers. For example, you can place a huge amount of money and cash out when the multiplier is from 0.5x to 1x. It is all individual and depends on the punter’s preferences. The strategy may seem not that effective for players who make small bets because it requires them to place a huge number of bets to win a solid amount.

Double Bets

Aviator allows you to make two simultaneous bets, as we mentioned briefly before. Such wagering increases the reward and gives you more excitement. You can cash out the first bet when the multiplier is low and the second one when it is much higher. 

Statistical Strategy

Despite the fact that Aviator is based on RNG technology, you can still find some patterns in the previous rounds. The main aim here is to catch the gaps when the plane flies the longest, so the multiplier is at its peak, and you can win more at once.

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How do you play ODI Aviator?
You should register on the OdiBets platform first. Then, fund your account and click on the Aviator to play it for real money. Place one or two bets, and do not forget to cash out when the multiplier is good enough for you. If you are not quick enough, the plane can fly away, leaving you with nothing.
How does an Aviator game work?
An Aviator runs on simple but fair RNG mechanisms. Punters need to place a bet and launch the plane to take off. When the multiplier amount seems attractive, they need to cash out before the plane flies away.
How do I redeem my ODI points?
You can redeem your points by entering your profile. Then, choose the “Redeem Points” option in the “My Account” section. You can also do it via SMS to 29680.
How do I bet with ODI?
OdiBets is a quality bookmaker that offers standard betting and gambling services. If you decide to start betting here, you must register, replenish your account, and then choose any game to wager. Make a bet and enjoy the gameplay.

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