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How to Use OdiBet Bonus

October 31, 2022 05:57PM
Last update: December 11, 2023 08:09PM
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How to Use OdiBet Bonus
Get Free Bets as Welcome Bonus

Kenyan-based OdiBets is a sports wagering platform with its own unique service and an enjoyable, straightforward design. The company invites you to wager on numerous sporting activities, including soccer, basketball, tennis, and ice hockey. The platform has been operating for a while and has been quite popular among punters who live in Kenya and enjoy gambling. There are several ways to receive bonuses by utilizing OdiBets, and this article will explain how to make the best use of them.

What Are the OdiBets Bonuses in Kenya?

OdiBets bonuses are temporary or permanent promotions that the company offers its customers in order to encourage them to bet on sports. Obviously, if you’d like to claim any incentive, you should be an OdiBets’ user, thus possess an account. Don’t worry about registration, it’s a simple process that won’t take more than 2-3 minutes.

Once you’ve set up an account, you’re ready to claim all existing bonuses. Here’s a list of available ones:

  • Happy Hour
  • Bonuses for wagering on the English Premier League
  • Free bet for new users
  • Cash back bonus
  • Odi Bundles

The company’s features are not limited to sweet bonuses; you can learn more about all the advantages of OdiBets in a unique article. So, in the following paragraphs, we’ll break down all of these promos and explain how to apply them to your wagering experience.

How to Use OdiBets Bonuses

  • Happy Hour promo

This nicely created incentive is accessible to both novice and old users. You have to make a wager of 50,- shillings or higher. The OdiBets will select winners and credit different prizes right to their accounts. This bonus runs every day from 6AM to 2PM, except on weekends. Prizes are not fixed and may change at any time, so make sure to read the T&C on a regular basis.

  • Bonuses for wagering on the English PL

Football fans will definitely love this promo. Simply make a wager of 50,- shillings or higher on an EPL 22/23 match and get a possibility to fight for daily, weekly, or grand prizes. The luckiest bettors will be chosen in random order by OdiBets.

  • Free bet for new users

Once you’ve set up an account and verified it, you’ll be granted a free bet. You can wager 30 gifted KES on the preselected match. Remember, that unconfirmed accounts will forfeit this incentive after 7 days of signing up.

Get Free Bets as Welcome Bonus
  • Cash back bonus

OdiBets’ customers, both new and old, are eligible for this promotion. If the fortune was not on your side, you will receive a 30% cashback on the first wager of the day. Refunds only apply to wagers up to 200,- KES. Any wager higher than 200 KES will receive a stake cashback of no more than 100 KES.

  • Odi Bundles

This promo is presented to OdiBets’ bettors who place a wager of 49 KES or higher. You will be granted a bonus equal to 7 MB bundle, and also get a shot at being chosen as a daily champion by OdiBets. The daily winner is rewarded with a 2 GB internet bundle. All gifted data should be used within 48 hours. The number of your entries in the promotion is unlimited, so you can win bundles everyday while betting.

How to Deposit Funds on OdiBets

In some cases, in order to make use of the bonuses, you will have to top up your account, in order to do so:

1. Go to OdiBets and Sign in
Open up the OdiBets website or run the OdiBets app. Check that you’re logged in.
2. Hit “Click to Deposit”
Select the “Click to Deposit” banner at the upper side of the site.
3. Type in the Sum and Finish the Process
Enter the sum you’d wish to deposit. Confirm it by pressing “Deposit from MPESA.” An SMS with confirmation will be sent to your phone number.

Payment Options Available

You can use the M-Pesa app on your phone as a designated payment option.

What Are the Benefits of Using OdiBets Bonus

The benefits of utilizing OdiBets’ promotions are so underrated. We’ve decided to dedicate a separate list to them:

  • You can start wagering simply by setting up an account. You’re not required to make an initial payment for that.
  • If your first bet of the day was unlucky, you get an opportunity to make a bet again.
  • You’re gifted with a cool, small bundle of gifted megabytes, which can be quite useful when you’re close to the limits of your tariff plan.
  • And if you are also a huge fan of the EPL, you get a chance to obtain some cash in addition to your payouts from betting.

And that’s only the list of permanent incentives for OdiBets’ customers. We’re more than sure that seasonal bonuses will blow your mind, so check the promotions page every week or so.

Comparison of OdiBets Bonus with other Wagering Companies’ Bonusesc

All sports betting companies offer bonuses to their users with the intention of attracting them and growing their income. However, the promos offered by OdiBets are among the most exclusive in the industry. You barely get to see such an original and intriguing set of bonuses all at once. Usually, you’re always expecting to see a welcome bonus doubling your initial deposit or some gift on a birthday. But OdiBets went even farther and encouraged you to bet on the world-class football league and get occasional prizes for that. Or simply do your betting things and be rewarded for that with a free internet connection. If these are not great promos, we don’t know what else can impress your mind.


OdiBets’ leading position in Kenyan sportsbook industry is well deserved. The company has proven over the years that they care for every customer, not only in terms of outstanding customer service and resolving your issues, but inventing and applying to live more and more exciting bonuses and promotions. Let alone the broad range of wager markets, and smooth, greatly designed mobile app. Whether you’re a complete novice or an avid bettor searching for a decent alternative, give OdiBets a chance, and it will impress you.

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