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How to Withdraw From MelBet Easily in Kenya

December 4, 2023 05:24PM
Last update: January 23, 2024 05:20PM
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How to Withdraw From MelBet Easily in Kenya

If you are reading this text, it means you have heard about the MelBet online betting platform. Our expert research of the bookmaker confirms the fact that it is quite popular in Kenya. Firstly, the bookmaker has a first-class reputation and a license from BCLB local regulator. 

Other than that, it has a lot to offer bettors on its web portal, app, and mobile version of the full site. In our MelBet review created earlier, you can find even more facts about the company, but this article is devoted to its financial aspect. If you are eager to learn how you can get your winnings, proceed with reading.

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What is MelBet And Why Should You Choose It?

What is MelBet And Why Should You Choose It?

The MelBet bookmaker provides one of the best betting experiences to its punters. It is one of the perks of being registered on the platforms. Besides, we prepared a list of other valuable features and options of MelBet, that can attract punters from Kenya to join it:

  • Live betting
  • Quick registration by phone number
  • Functional and handy apps for iOS and Android
  • Mobile version
  • Toto games
  • Live casino entertainment
  • An extended number of bonus offers.

The list is quite impressive for newbies and experienced players. One of the great features of all is that the platform combines huge varieties of sporting events and quality games from world-leading producers of gaming software. Lots of freebies and promotions are another strong side of the bookie that indicates that MelBet strives to accumulate a solid user base. 

What about the payment methods? MelBet’s list of options is not huge but also is not limited by MPesa. Players can receive their winnings via any of the offered ways. Keep reading to learn more facts about withdrawals.

Withdrawal Methods at MelBet 

Withdrawal Methods at MelBet 

The bookmaker provides registered users from Kenya with several convenient and well-known withdrawal options. Like many other top-quality betting resources, MelBet strives to provide the best services specifically to the African market. That is the reason it mainly cooperates with different famous financial organizations. 

Players can stay cool about their funds because all organizations are reputable, reliable, and safe. Also, punters can use any offered methods based on their relevance and convenience to receive their payouts when needed. The bookmaker claims that the MelBet withdrawal process takes seconds, and each operation proceeds without any extra charges.

Let’s look closer at the range of available methods. It will help you better understand which of them are more suitable for your needs. Here we will show you the categories and the companies inside them that are cooperating with MelBet. See the following:

  • Electronic wallets
    • Sticpay
    • PerfectMoney
  • Payment Systems
    • ecoPayz
  • Cryptocurrencies
    • Bitcoin
    • Ethereum
    • ZCash etc.

As you can see, Kenyan punters can use their crypto wallets to make fast transactions. You can launch your withdrawals whenever you need, the service functions around the clock. The next step is to understand the basic algorithm for obtaining your money. We provide you with the necessary instructions in the following part of the article.

Withdrawing Funds Via Bank

Many online betting resources allow players to receive their winnings via bank transfer. Mostly, such bookmakers have local origins and cooperate with banks in the country. However, MelBet is an international wagering and casino portal that functions in Kenya on a legal basis with a local license. 

It does not oblige the bookmaker to collaborate with Kenyan domestic financial institutions, like banks. Therefore, the platform does not allow its registered punters to receive their rewards via this option. But do not be disappointed, MelBet knows other more beneficial ways.

Withdrawing Funds Via SMS And More

It is a general fact that players in Kenya prefer to use SMS and USSD services. However, our research revealed that MelBet does not allow them either. So, how to withdraw money from MelBet? Here is how you can acquire your funds.

Let’s return to our available methods list and select any of them. The general mechanism does not differ much. Keep in mind that each of the methods has its minimum and maximum limits, which depend on the providers. All you have to do is to select the preferred option out of the proposed list and indicate the required payment date. But it will be better explained in our guide in the following part.

How to Withdraw From MelBet in Kenya?

How to Withdraw From MelBet in Kenya?

If you are not an amateur in betting, you can guess how to receive your winnings from an online bookmaker because their platforms function pretty much similar. However, if you are new to the field, the whole process may seem highly intuitive to you.

 It is connected with the fact that each day counters make different financial operations via their bank accounts. Each transfer can be launched in a couple of clicks. And online bookmakers fully acquired those mechanisms and fit them to their needs. 

Anyhow we show you the general instructions and the ways how you can get your cash. Rely on our guide, and you will obtain them in no time. The bookmaker claims to process each transaction instantly. However, we strongly recommend you apply for support if you face any errors independent of your actions. 

Instructions For Withdrawing funds Through The Site 

One of the prioritized options for how you can get your cash is via an official MelBet website. Punters can access it via their computers and mobile devices. It is compatible with any browser and device system requirements, so no obstacles are found here. Follow our lead to see what’s next.

1. #1 Step
Open the website, find the “Log In” button, and tap on it. Insert your data password, login, and confirm your action to authorize. Then proceed to the “Withdraw” section.
2. #2 Step
Select the service which you wish to use for withdrawal. Indicate your payment data and the withdrawal sum.
3. #3 Step
Confirm your action and wait. In history, you can see your transfer if it was successful. In several seconds the money will be on your balance. Now you are done.

Instructions For Withdrawing Funds Through The Mobile App 

The second popular choice is to launch the withdrawal procedure via one of the available portable devices, such as smartphones and tablets that have an installed application. This method is even more convenient because the smartphone is always with you, so you can receive the payouts at any time. Let’s see how you can do this.

  1. Open your app by tapping on it. Enter your account by inserting the login and password. Tap on the profile icon and select the “Withdraw” section.
  2. See the offered options and choose what is best for you. Indicate your data, and do not forget to check the correctness of them. Insert the amount you want to receive and confirm your operation.
  3. The transfer will be completed in seconds. You can also see your history of transfers to see that it was successful. If you do not see the money in your account, we advise you to apply for support.

How to Check Your MelBet Account Balance?

How to Check Your MelBet Account Balance?

When you receive your funds and win more, it is almost a necessity to see how much is ready to be withdrawn. And MelBet provides an opportunity to check the state of the balance. Punters can do it via any portable device that has an official application or visit their profile page via the PC. Let’s learn a bit more information about it in the next part.

Instructions on How to Check Your Account Balance Via SMS or USSD

The portal is very convenient and modern if we look at the offered withdrawal methods. However, if we apply the options a portal has for balance checking, we will be disappointed. But not for long. Sure, the bookmaker does not provide any SMS and USSD services that you can use to see the state of your balance.

On the other hand, MelBet has functional apps and a mobile version of the website that allow you to check the state of your betting balance at any convenient time. The whole operation will require a couple of seconds. However, there is one “but.” You should be connected to the Internet. It is not always possible, but the bookmaker constantly improves its services for Kenyan punters. So maybe in the future, they will make the SMS and USSD options possible.

Tips For Successfully Withdrawing Money From Your MelBet Account

Tips For Successfully Withdrawing Money From Your MelBet Account

Experienced punters understand that the excellent reputation of the betting company does not guarantee you lack of technical and other problems. Therefore, we prepared some recommendations that will help newbies to learn more details on how to withdraw their funds successfully:

  1. Check the information. Correctness of the payment data ensures fast and smooth transactions. If you indicate something wrong, your transfer may be canceled. It is very unlikely that somebody else will receive your money because the bookmaker strictly monitors that all the winnings will be transferred to the same payment details that you used to deposit. You will lose one of the valuable assets, which is your time. 
  2. Technical errors. The website can be closed, or some of its sections can stop functioning due to some technical checking and bug fixings. Usually, you will see the word error on your screen. In some cases, the operator may display a message informing you about the technical issues.
  3. Internet connection. Another problem that may occur is a poor connection or its total absence. That is why you need to check it before you start the procedure.
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Based on our tips, you can check all those aspects before you decide to apply to the bookmaker’s support unit. 

MelBet Customer Service in Kenya 

MelBet Customer Service in Kenya 

Customer care is accessible 24/7. Players can reach them when it is best suited to them. Customer service helps punters to solve problems connected with betting, platform navigation, timely payouts, and different errors and bugs regarding the platform operations. Therefore, in case you have any problems with receiving your money, do not hesitate to apply for support. The bookmaker provides several options that you can contact support.



Melbet Conclusion

Our overall review revealed some perks of the MelBet bookmaker and its downsides. It is better to start with the latter one. Kenyan punters used to purchase various services and products via the USSD commands. Unfortunately, MelBet does not allow its users to use USSD to place bets, check balances, and also receive payouts. 

The good news is that bettors can receive their funds via several options. The bookmaker even allows cryptocurrencies, which is a very useful option. All the transfers are processed at any time and instantly. If punters have any kind of problems regarding their withdrawals, helpful support is always online to assist them. Our conclusion is that players can freely enjoy wagering on the portal and comfortably receive their winnings.


How do you get free money on MelBet?
You need to register to become a participant in many bonus offers proposed by the bookmaker. Besides the bonuses, punters can see various promotions that can also grant punters free spins and bets if they comply with the rules.
What is the maximum deposit on MelBet?
The betting company does not state any limits on the deposit amount. However, your financial provider may have certain rules and limits per day and other periods. You need to check this beforehand.
What is the advantage of MelBet?
MelBet is a licensed betting company that offers a convenient platform for wagering, familiar ways to withdraw winnings and make deposits, and diversified casino entertainment.
What is the minimum withdrawal on MelBet?
According to our research, the minimum sum you can withdraw from your account is 225 KES.

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