How to download BangBet App in Kenya?

October 18, 2022 04:29PM
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Wager on your preferred sports and events is easy with the BangBet App. This column will guide you through all the crucial details, so you make informed decisions and get only the best out of your betting experience. We will also touch upon the benefits of using BangBet, so stick to this article and keep on reading.

What is BangBet App and What Are its Benefits for Sports betting Enthusiasts?

The BangBet App is created for sport betting and available on Android platform.

Here’s the small list of the benefits:

  • Wide range of sporting events to bet on
  • User-friendly interface makes your app experience smooth and easy
  • Watching live streaming to follow the action as it develops
  • Real-time odds updates are available for users, so you can tailor your next moves and build your own strategy
  • Verified and confidential: all payment methods are secure and safe to use

More advantages of such a great deal can be found in our comprehensive review of BangBet in Kenya.

How to Download BangBet App in Kenya

Downloading the BangBet App will not be a problem at all: simply launch the “BangBet” app from the Google Play Store on Android. Upon discovering the app in the search results, just press “Install,” and you are all set to go. Just submit your email address to create your own account and set a secure password. Although this method is quite popular and convenient, sometimes the BangBet app won’t be present in the Play Store. In this case, just do as follows:

1. Go to the App Section
Navigate to the official BangBet website. Locate and tap on the “App” button in the menu.
2. Download the File
Hit the “Download APP.” Check that your gadget permits actions with apps from unknown sources.
3. Install
Proceed to Downloads and activate the BangBet APK. Wait till the installation’s done. Once it’s over, you’ll see the BangBet icon on your home screen.

Video Manual

This option always works, and we’d recommend you use it if you don’t have much time to explore the Google Play Store. Additionally, the “App” tab of the website contains a QR-code with a direct link to the APK file. You can scan it with your phone if you have the tab open on the PC.


How to Place a bet on Your Favorite Team or Player Using BangBet App

Although the interface is quite intuitive and simple, we have listed the six steps for making a wager in the BangBet App:

1. Log In
Launch the app, create an account and sign in.
2. Select the Event
Choose the most suitable upcoming event and select the teams or players you would like to bet on.
3. Specify the Stake and Confirm
Enter the desired amount and click the “Place Bet” button.

The BangBet App will then calculate the odds and show you all the options. Click the “Confirm Bet” button to put the wager if you’re satisfied with the odds.

 What Are the Different Types of Bets that Can Be Placed with the BangBet App?

The BangBet app provides you with a unique opportunity to choose what kind of wager you would like to bet. For instance:

  • Single bet: a wager on a single event, such as the outcome of a football match
  • Parlay bet: a wager on two or more events, where all the outcomes must be correct in order for the bet to win
  • Accumulator bet: almost similar to a parlay bet, but includes surely more than two events
  • Prop bet: a wager on the occurrence or non-occurrence during an event, for instance such as the first goal. This bet is not affected directly by the event outcome.
  • Live bet: a wager placed on a currently undergoing event

BangBet sets no restrictions: feel free to place any of these bet types, or even all of them when using the BangBet App.

How to Make a Deposit at BangBet

Before you can start betting, you must first fund your account. To achieve this:

1. Log In
Launch the app and check that you are logged in.
2. Choose Deposit Method
Select “Deposit” from the profile menu. Choose the most appropriate top-up choice from the list.
3. Specify the Sum and Confirm
Enter the amount you want to receive. Accept and finish the transfer.

Payment Methods on BangBet

BangBet accepts payments via M-Pesa and Airtel only. M-Pesa is there for you if you’d like to deposit funds or take your winnings out, while Airtel exclusively supports deposits without the ability to withdraw winnings.

How to Collect Winnings

We are very certain that you can be lucky enough to place the excellent winning wager. Three steps are left below for you to follow in order to withdraw your money.

  1. Open the BangBet App and hit the “Withdraw”
  2. Enter the withdrawal amount
  3. Confirm the transfer

The BangBet App will right away process the request and pay out the winnings.

Tips for Beginners Who Want to Start Betting on Sports Using BangBet App

Here are some pointers to get you started if you’re new to sports betting:

  • Do your research: make sure to take your time and understand all the odds involved. This will help you to make weighted decisions and increase your chances of winning.
  • Start small: it is the best strategy in any case to start small when betting, this will help you build up your knowledge and experience before placing larger bets.
  • Stay disciplined: do not bet more than you can afford to lose, and always stick to your budget.
  • Use hedging strategies: use these strategies to minimize your losses. For instance, you could place a bet on both teams in a football match and if one team loses, there is still a chance for you to win money.
  • Follow the action live: make sure to watch the event live, so you can adjust your strategy accordingly.


We have covered all the information in this article so you can start using BangBet without any worries. Now you are aware of ways of downloading an app and how to make your first steps in the sports betting world. Utilize our advice, make wise choices, and enjoy wagering with BangBet.

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