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December 24, 2023 07:26PM
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Joking aside. It’s time to win really big. The notable Kenyan bookmaker BangBet brings an excellent opportunity to win a tidy sum as part of its jackpot offering. But first things first.

Introduction to BangBet and Its Bonuses

Introduction to BangBet and Its Bonuses

Licensing by the BCLB gave the betting company the green light for its gambling activities in the region, and off it went.

Armed with all the betting entertainment possible, the bookie has attracted a significant number of supporters to its platform. So, why do Kenyan punters frequent the website? Well, they can gladly 

  • bet on myriads of scheduled matches;
  • wager while events unfold in real time;
  • predict the results of virtual contests;
  • play a ton of various casino games.

Customers accessing the company’s site via phone or using the mobile app enjoy considerable benefits, such as the BangBet bonus offers, on which we’ve written a separate article. The incentives are designed to encourage both sports and casino enthusiasts and include but are not limited to:

  • First Deposit Gifts;
  • Super Cash Back;
  • 600% Multibet Bonus;
  • Mega Million Bonus;
  • Second Deposit Bonus;
  • Lucky Spin Free Spins. 

BangBet Jackpot Offering Review

Jackpot is another mega bonus offering provided by the bookmaking firm. It is highlighted in a separate tab in the horizontal navigation bar of the mobile site and the app. 

BangBet Jackpots

Currently, there is only one type of competition on the Kenyan bookie’s menu: the one you see when you enter the respective section.

The competition is called Bang 12 by the number of matches, the results of which you have to predict.  

Participation Rules

Each week, the company selects 12 soccer games and posts them with the odds for 1X2 betting in the tab.

The participant must register an account, log in, top up the balance, and make a prediction about each of the matches—pick a win for the hosts, a victory for the visitors, or a draw.

If every prediction out of 12 is correct, you hit the jackpot. You also receive cash prizes if you guess 11 or 10 games correctly.

How to Hit the Jackpot at BangBet

How to Hit the Jackpot at BangBet

Despite the enormous potential earnings, little is needed to win the jackpot. The instruction below serves as evidence.

  1. Log in and Deposit. Sign in to the mobile app or site under your account and fund it with at least 50 KES, which is the minimum stake per combination.
  2. Make Your Pickings. Click “Jackpot,” check out the games, and make 12 selections. Or opt for “Jackpot Rush” so that the system makes a random choice for you.
  3. Submit Your Wager. Once you select a combination with one prediction per match, click the “Place Bet” button. Or add more predictions with the stake size increase for each new combination.
Start Betting with BangBet

How to Use the Jackpot at BangBet

The jackpot prize is a cash reward credited to your balance. You can then use this amount at your discretion: either withdraw it from your account or use it for gambling on the platform. 

You can address all queries regarding the jackpot bonus and its payout to the company’s support team by emailing them to

Rules for the Jackpot Bonus

Bangbet Rules for the Jackpot Bonus

It is vital to play by the rules in both sports and betting to achieve the desired result and avoid disqualification. Here is what you need to keep in mind if you wish to make a profit.

Jackpot Bonus Terms and Conditions

  • Only users with registered accounts are eligible to play.
  • You must have at least 50 KES in your cash balance.
  • You must predict the outcomes of all 12 football events.
  • Each extra combination adds 50 KES to the stake amount.
  • Once placed, the bets cannot be annulled, altered, or repaid.

Bonus Limitations and Expiration Dates

Kenyan punters under 18 are not allowed to take part in any gambling activities, including jackpots. 

The bookmaker always pre-selects events, odds, and bet types. With that, you are not limited in the number of selections per match, subject to the mandatory surcharge.

The contest occurs weekly, and its closing time is displayed as a countdown on the page.

Benefits of the BangBet Jackpot Bonus

Benefits of the BangBet Jackpot Bonus

The bookmaker’s jackpot bonus is an extremely alluring reward with very little investment. 

Consider this: you only need 50 KES to participate, which is the minimum bet on any sporting event on the platform.  

Start Betting with BangBet

Amounts and Possibilities of Wins

The prize pool for the competition is 15 million Kenyan shillings. That’s the amount you’ll take home if every prediction you make hits the mark.

However, it’s worth leaving room for a multiple-winner scenario. In this case, the prize fund is divided equally between the winners.

Additional Bonuses and Rewards

You don’t have to be 100% accurate to win the award, as the bookie offers additional bonuses within the competition.

Cash rewards will also go to those who correctly guess the outcomes of 11 and 10 games. The total award amount depends on the number of matches and winners.  

How to Increase Your Chances of Winning

BangBet jackpots, in their essence, do not differ from ordinary bets on soccer: there are two teams, and you must decide whether to support one of them winning or playing in a tie.

Accordingly, as in regular betting, there are tips and tricks to make your win achievable.   

Tips and Strategies for Jackpots

  • Know all about the teams, their previous results, current ranking, players’ condition, and prospects.
  • Pay attention to the odds, which generally reflect favorites and underdogs, but remember to rely on statistics.
  • Make more selections: it’s more costly but improves the chances of winning and may pay off in the end.
  • Play more frequently; the more you do it, the better you understand the peculiarities of this activity.

Submitted Predictions Analysis and Expert Predictions

Learning from mistakes is a crucial rule that works perfectly well in jackpots. So it is essential to analyze your predictions, check the results, and take them into account in your future bets.

You can also outsource the prediction to those who understand a lot more about it than you do. There are enough trusted resources where experts post their forecasts.

Take advice only after you make sure it is not a one-day site, and the source has positive reviews aplenty.

Final Words on the BangBet Jackpot

Final Words on the BangBet Jackpot

It’s very tempting to enter with 50 and walk away with 15 million in your account. So, if you are fond of sports betting and well-versed in football, don’t miss the opportunity to try your luck at the BangBet jackpot.


How do you play the BangBet jackpot?
You need to sign up, deposit 50 KES into your account, and place a 1X2 bet on each of the 12 soccer matches chosen by the bookmaker.
What is the trick to winning the jackpot?
The secret lies in a deep understanding of the game rules, participants, and regular practice.
How do you predict a draw in the jackpot?
Follow the game history of the teams. A draw is more probable for teams with low scoring rates and those who have not played to a draw in the last few matches.
How can I increase my chances of winning the jackpot?
Analyze your predictions after each competition, read the stats, and browse the websites of professional tipsters.
Can you win a jackpot with a minimum bet?
Of course! You can only place a minimum bet of 50 KES to qualify for the grand prize and consolation prizes.

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