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November 4, 2023 05:14PM
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1xBet is surely one of the most appreciated companies worldwide, and Kenya is no exclusion. This platform makes every bettor go crazy because of its amazing features and coolest bonuses. It was established a long time ago, in 2007, which means that it has been on the market long enough to gain a good reputation and attract a significant number of clients. 

This website is undoubtedly considered nearly the number one betting site all over the world and still continues to expand and grow, which is truly remarkable! 

Every bettor, new or expert, knows that in order to start placing bets, it is necessary to deposit funds first. That’s why today we decided to review the 1xBet deposit process and take a quick tour of its main characteristics. Without further talk, we suggest jumping into the subject.


1xbet Review

Since the betting platform is a leader in terms of services, it has also thought about making its deposit process as convenient as possible. Thereby, members of the website may have access to a huge number of payment methods displayed on the deposit page; this collection is extensive compared to other bookies on the market and permits users to choose the option that suits them the most. Let’s take a look at the array of payment options proposed by the bookie. We decided to list them all so that our readers could familiarize themselves better with the assortment.

  • Perfect Money
  • M-Pesa
  • Airtel
  • MoneyGO
  • Bank Cards
  • Jeton Cash
  • Skrill 1-Tap
  • ecoPayz
  • Neteller
  • PaySafeCard
  • Crypto

The platform permits deposits via Crypto, which is very cool, but we still recommend classic methods like Bank or e-wallets for money transfers since they are more handy and universal.

What Do You Need to Know

What Do You Need to Know about 1xbet

Just like most money transfer procedures, the 1xBet ones also have particular conditions and restrictions. This also concerns the deposit process, which, in order to be successfully finalized, requires a number of conditions to be met. Besides, the website has also established specific rules regarding this procedure that are worth looking at to avoid further inconveniences. Don’t worry; they are not very harsh. On the contrary, we were pretty impressed by how user-friendly they actually are.


Kenyan bookies, especially local ones, tend to charge their users additional fees for depositing money into their accounts. These regulations are surely very annoying and oblige bettors to invest more cash than they planned in the first place. Luckily, the 1xBet platform decided not to establish rules of this kind and not charge its members extra fees, which is why users of the site are free to deposit as much as they want without investing additional funds.


Even if the website managed to avoid installing rules regarding fees, 1xBet still has an array of restrictions regarding deposit limits. These limits were set up in order to prevent illegal or dangerous behavior on the platform, including fraudulent activity with money transfers. These restrictions usually don’t disturb bettors since they don’t put too much pressure on them. 

Commonly, limits depend on the payment method selected by the user; the minimum you may invest in your account is 135 KES.


Time limits are, without a doubt, very important in terms of depositing money. Nobody wants to wait hours or days before their cash finally transfers to their betting balance. Speaking of time, we noticed that the 1xBet deposit process is nearly one of the quickest in Kenya, which is certainly worthy of respect. There is not much to tell you about it since the process is commonly done instantly, whereas the withdrawal procedure may take up to an hour. 

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How to Replenish Your Balance on the Official Website

Now that we have covered the essential points regarding the process, we are going to describe it in detail. Transferring money to your 1xBet account is very quick and doesn’t require specific knowledge, except for some specifics like deposit limits. Most bettors don’t have problems locating the deposit page and successfully finalizing the process, which is why we are sure that you’ll get this done very rapidly. You may access the procedure via the official website on your mobile device by navigating to the page. 

1. Head to the 1xBet Website and Login
 Navigate to the official website via desktop or mobile device. Log in to your personal profile using your phone number and password.
2. Open the “Payments” Section
Navigate to the “Payments” section. Select the option that best suits you.
3. Enter Payment Details
Enter the amount you wish to deposit, taking into account the minimum and maximum limits. Confirm the transaction. Wait for the money to be added to your balance.

After finalizing the transaction, all you have to do is wait for the amount you invested to be transferred to your account. The procedure is done instantly, but in case you wait too long, we recommend contacting 1xBet support.

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How to Deposit on 1xBet Using M-Pesa

How to Deposit on 1xBet Using M-Pesa

We know that M-Pesa is a very appreciated platform in Kenya and that many bettors use it to replenish their balances on betting sites. 1xBet is no exception. In the deposit section, you can select M-Pesa and top up your account this way. Remember that you’ll need to confirm the payment with your PIN.

How to Deposit on 1xBet Using Airtel

How to Deposit on 1xbet Using Airtel

As well as M-Pesa, we are aware of the popularity of Airtel among local bettors. This option is available too. This is how to deposit this way.

Log in to Your Account

Obviously, you have to enter your login and password first. In your account, go to the deposit section.

Select Airtel

Click the Airtel icon to use this method. In the payment form, specify the sum.

Confirm the Payment

Enter your PIN to confirm the transaction and wait for the money to be credited.

How to Deposit via Bank Card

The Bank Card way of depositing money is considered the safest and most convenient among other payment options. Bank Card payments are directly affiliated with an official organization that secures and controls the process of your transfer, which protects it from illegal or fraudulent activities and guarantees excellent services. 

Most bettors appreciate this method for being more efficient than the other ones since members are not required to possess additional wallets online and may pay using only their card. Our team of experts developed a short guide for our readers to demonstrate how the procedure takes place.

  1. The first thing you need to do in order to invest your funds is navigating to the 1xBet official website. Then you may proceed by accessing your personal account. To do so, simply tap on “LOG IN” and enter the information you provided during registration. After accessing your account, move on to the second step.
  2. Now that you’re logged in, you will have to locate and navigate to the deposit page. It may be accessed by tapping on “Deposit” in your personal profile on the left panel or by simply clicking at the top of the main page. The button is very vivid and noticeable; you surely won’t miss it. After getting there, you will see a multitude of payment options displayed on the screen. All you have to do is pick the Bank Card you wish to pay with; it should be either VISA or MasterCard.
  3. After selecting the Bank Card that you will use for deposits, it will be required for you to fill in the corresponding gaps with your card details and your personal information. Finalize by entering the amount you wish to invest and tapping on “CONFIRM.” 

You’re done! All you have to do now is wait for your account to be replenished. 

How to Deposit via Skrill 

You have probably already heard about Skrill since it is one of the most popular payment options among Kenyan bettors. Skrill is a service that offers fast and secure money transactions all over the internet. It is known for being safe, rapid, and convenient, especially when depositing money on betting platforms. 

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Basically, it is a digital wallet that makes online shopping and transfers easier and permits users to make confidential money transactions without having to provide personal data. In order to use Skrill, members only need to provide an email address and invent a password. That’s as simple as that. Let’s check out how 1xBet users may use it in order to invest funds in their accounts.

  1. Login. This part is obviously the most important. Without entering your profile, you will not be able to access your personal page or make a deposit, which is why it is necessary to log in before beginning the procedure. To do so, simply navigate to the 1xBet official page and locate the “LOG IN” button. When you’re ready, you may press it and enter the personal data you provided during registration. After being done, simply open your account and follow the next steps.
  2. Choose Your Option. After having accessed your account, you will need to navigate to the deposit page, on which all the payment methods are displayed. That’s the page where you will be able to select the payment option of your choice, which is Skrill. You may navigate to the payments page in two different ways, either directly from your personal account by tapping on the left panel or by simply clicking on “DEPOSIT” at the top of the main page. The button is green and really flashy. After getting there, have a look at the list of payment options and scroll down to Skrill.
  3. Finalize. Tap on Skrill and enter the required information. The site will demand that you fill in the corresponding gaps with the amount you wish to deposit and select the payment. You may finalize the procedure by clicking on “CONFIRM” and proceeding with the instructions given by the company. The transfer is usually processed rapidly: it’s just a matter of minutes.


1xbet Conclusion

During our exploration of the 1xBet sportsbook and its ways of depositing money, we were quite satisfied with what we discovered. The platform surely provides incredible services, its betting options and features are cool, but the deposit procedure is also worth respecting. The whole process seemed very convenient to us, especially the fact that the organization managed to provide such a huge array of payment options that are all trustworthy and rapid. 1xBet offers the largest selection of payment methods in Kenya, and we appreciate that because it makes the platform even more convenient. Besides, the process doesn’t take more than a few minutes; usually, every transaction is processed instantly. In this article, we reviewed most of the details regarding the deposit procedure on 1xBet, but if you wish to learn more, please check the FAQ below.


How do I link my phone number to my 1xBet account?
It is usually done during registration.
What is the M-Pesa Paybill number for 1xBet?
1xBet Kenya doesn’t support M-Pesa.
How long does it take to deposit money on 1xBet?
The process doesn’t take more than 5 minutes.
How do I bet on 1xBet without money?
Unfortunately, that’s not possible.
How do I withdraw money from 1xBet to M-Pesa in Kenya?
M-Pesa is not available on 1xBet Kenya.

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