Find Out the Maximum Stake on 1xBet in Kenya

November 8, 2023 06:20PM
Last update: July 1, 2024 05:19PM
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Placing a stake has never been as easy as with 1xBet. But there is still something you should know before doing it because the amount of money that you can bet is limited, both minimum and maximum.

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Maximum Bet in 1xBet

Maximum Bet in 1xBet

When betting with 1xBet, as well as with any sportsbook, you need to take into account that if you want to bet one amount on a sporting event, you will not always succeed. There are a number of reasons for this, with which every professional punter should be familiar.

Rules and Limits on Maximum Bets

Like with any bookmaker, at 1xBet, there are some limitations on the maximum bet. As a rule, the bookmaker more often predicts the events of top championship matches, so it tries to give maximum limits in such sporting events, while in low-level matches, unpopular sports disciplines, minor basketball leagues, tennis, and soccer matches, the maximum can be much lower.

It is also worth adding that bookmakers reduce the maximums for professional punters. In addition, high odds significantly reduce the potential amount that can be bet.

Effect of Event Level on the Maximum Bet

As we noted earlier, a sporting event has certain levels. Experts in the betting world divide this system into two levels: high and low. The high level is an event that the bookmaker can predict more accurately. A good example of such an event can be a match between famous athletes or a football championship final. 

How to Increase the Maximum Bet

If you have a lot of money and want to increase the maximum stake rate, there are a few options that can help you. You can choose a sporting event with smaller odds; as we mentioned before, higher odds tend to lower the maximum amount. And also, it can be very useful to choose another sports event that is less popular and widely spoken. Due to the fact that the event is less widespread, the maximum sum available that you can place stakes with can increase.

Minimum Bet in 1xBet

Minimum Bet in 1xBet

Placing a minimum bet is a great chance for everybody to try out wagering. Not only is it very available, but it is also very secure. We mean that by placing smaller stakes, you have fewer chances to lose.

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Betting Restrictions and Rules for Minimal Bets

In order to allow as many punters as possible to place bets, the 1xBet service in Kenya has made the minimum amount available for betting equal to 22 Ksh.

How to Start Wagering Minimum Bets

If you want to make a minimum bet, you need to follow the instructions listed below:

1. Create an Account on 1xBet
If you want to start taking stakes, first of all, you should log up to the system. To do that, you should open the official website and click on the green “Registration” button. After you follow the registration process, you have to log into the system. 
2. Deposit Funds
To start wagering, you must deposit some money. 
3. Choose a sporting Event
Among the huge number of sporting events presented, you have to pick the one you like the most and then choose the potential result. 
4. Place the Stake
When the choice is made, you can pick the amount of money you want to spend on the sports event. The minimum is 22 Ksh, but don’t fret if you wrote down less than that sum because the system will automatically warn you by sending you a notification. 

Minimum Bet Pros and Cons

Minimum deposits have some advantages and disadvantages. But before we list them, we should make it clear that we’re viewing them from the point of view of a punter. Here is a list of them:

  1. They allow you to wager less, and thus, you risk less than if you had to wager a larger sum of money.
  2. Minimum bets are an essential part of learning how to bet. Many players just want to learn how to place stakes, and they don’t want to invest a lot of money in it.
  1. 1xBet has 22 Ksh as the minimum stake, but other sportsbooks have even 1 Ksh. We think that it attracts more customers because, at the beginning, people tend to wager less money.

Comparing to Competitors

1xbet Comparing to Competitors

Undoubtedly, 1xBet is a very popular sportsbook and has a lot of advantages. But if we compare their minimum bet deal to other bookies, Here’s the table we collected just for you:

Betting operatorMinimum stakeMaximum stake
BangbetKsh 1Ksh 500,000
MozzartBetKsh 10Ksh 20,000,000
OdibetsKsh 1Ksh 50,000
MelBetKsh 22TBD
BetwinnerKsh 22TBD
BetikaKsh 1Ksh 500,000
SportyBetKsh 1Ksh 500,000

As you can see, 1xBet, Betwinner, and Melbet ask for the highest price compared to others. But we think that the difference is not that big of a deal.

The Concept of Maximum and Minimum Wagering

All gamblers have different styles of wagering. Some like to risk and bet large sums, while some play with small bets. Now, we are going to try to find out what the benefits of each playstyle are.

What Is the Maximum Bet?

Obviously, the name speaks for itself; the maximum bet is the limit that the bookie puts on the user not to bet an amount higher than the allowed amount. There are a number of reasons for this. The most common factors that affect the maximum bet include the level of the selected sporting event, the odds, and the type of bet.

What Is the Minimum Bet?

As a rule, punters do not want to risk large sums, or they want to bet for the first time and want to bet as little as possible in order to understand how the service works. Very often, the minimum bet depends not only on the bookmaker but also on the payment system. We recommend that you read the terms and conditions carefully before you place a bet.


1xbet Conclusion

Today, we have scrutinized the different betting offers from various bookmakers. As we can see, the minimum bet may not differ much, while the maximum stake has big differences. All this is due to the large number of variables that an advanced punter will sooner or later encounter. In our opinion, despite the fact that 1xBet has a higher minimum bet than its competitors, the website still deserves a lot of attention from novice punters. User-friendly interfaces, live streaming, and other benefits surely outweigh this small drawback.


What are the maximum winnings on 1xBet?
The maximum winnings depend on the amount of money you make a stake with and the odds of the sports event you have chosen. It could be calculated automatically and viewed in the bet accumulator.
What does the maximum stake amount mean?
Maximum money you can possibly use to bet on.
How do I increase my maximum stake on 1xbet?
You can manipulate that by choosing other less popular sports events or making stakes on a team with smaller odds.
How much is stake money?
It depends on how much money you want to bet on and the maximum and minimum range.
What is the maximum stake in 1xBet Kenya?
It depends on the context of the sports event.

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