How to Bet on Bangbet: A Comprehensive Guide

December 25, 2023 06:49PM
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Bangbet is one of the most popular services in Kenya. It offers users beneficial betting on different sports, including ongoing events. The platform also contains a casino section, so users can enjoy their favorite games and slot machines in addition to wagering. In this article about Bangbet Kenya, we will examine the betting process and evaluate its convenience for bettors.

How Much Can You Bet With Bangbet?

The platform does not limit the number of bets per day. Bangbet minimum stake is only 20 KES, and the maximum is 500,000 KES. If you want to bet more on one event, you can combine multiple markets in one bet slip or bet on a different game.

There are hundreds of markets at Bangbet. You can guess the 1 X 2, the correct score, the corners, the total number of goals, the red and yellow cards, and the next goalscorer.

How to Place a Bet on Bangbet

How to Place a Bet on Bangbet

The betting process on the platform is simple and intuitive. We can divide it into several steps.

1. Registration

You have to complete Bangbet registration to place the bets. Click the Register button in the upper right corner of the page. In the opened window, enter your Kenyan phone number and create a password consisting of letters and numbers. The password length is from 6 to 14 characters. Confirm the registration with the code from SMS. Congrats, now you have the account!

2. Selection of Sport and Market

On the top of the page, click:
  • “Sports” if you want to bet on an upcoming event;
  • “Live” for betting on ongoing events;
  • “League” to find the desired football league.
  • Find the game and open its page. You’ll see the complete list of available markets with odds.

3. Placing a Bet

Click on the market you like and enter the stake amount. Confirm your choice, and the bet will appear on your bet slip. Now you can enjoy the game and wait for results!
Start Betting with BangBet

Types of Bets

Bangbet Types of Bets

On the Bangbet platform, you can place different types of bets. The simplest is a single bet on a specific outcome of a particular game. You can bet on the victory of one team. In addition, you can combine several different bets in one bet slip. Let’s look at the features of different types of bets.

You can add up to 30 events into the betslip.

Placing of a Singlе Bеt

There is nothing easier than placing a single bet. You need to go to the event page and click on the desired market to do this. You only have to specify the stake amount and confirm the action.

Placing of a Multi Bеt

To place a multiple bet, you must first add all your teams to the betslip. To do so, simply navigate to the match you want to bet on and click on the selection you require to add it to your betslip. Once done, move to the other matches you want to bet on and choose the selections you want to add to your betslip. Each selection you click on will be added to your previous ones. After you finish with this, click on betslip, tap on “Multiple” to make your ticket a multiple bet, then enter your stake in the stake box and click on “Place bet.”

Match Cancellation, Waiver, and Postponement

Bangbet Match Cancellation, Waiver, and Postponement

Life is unpredictable, and sometimes the event you bet on may not happen. If the match has been canceled, the bet will be voided. It means that you will simply receive these funds back.

If the organizers postpone the game to another date, two scenarios are possible:

  • In the first case, the match will take place, but on a different day. Your bid remains valid. You just have to wait a bit.
  • If the organizers do not announce a new date for the game, the bet will be canceled, and you will receive the funds back in your account.

How to Place a Winning Bet on Bangbet

How to Place a Winning Bet on Bangbet

For many uninvolved people, sports betting seems like a simple game and entertainment. But betting is fraught with many unexpected and specific aspects. It’s not easy to figure them out. Only with experience does a bettor come to understand the various nuances of the game: sports, psychological, financial, and mathematical. Here are some tips for successful betting:

  • Game system. To make money, you must develop a betting strategy and act according to the financial scheme. The latter is important to distribute the allocated bank over a long period. It will allow you to gain experience searching for value coefficients and improve your strategy.
  • Consider psychology. A desire to win back as quickly and at all costs can drain the bank. The player raises the stakes and takes more risks. If you notice such behavior, then it’s better not to bet. You will probably lose a lot of money when you break down because of emotions.
  • Be responsible with money. Do not invest critical amounts of money in betting. Use only those funds that you don’t need for anything else. It will be more than just a high-risk investment. Sports betting is an investment calculated on chance. Treat them as a hobby, even if you plan to play according to a strictly verified strategy.

Withdrawal of Wins

Bangbet Withdrawal of Wins

There are various withdrawal methods on the platform.

Via the Site

Log In to your Bangbet account, and press the Balance button (Upper right corner). Go to Withdraw, enter the Withdraw Amount and bank details, and proceed with the Withdraw. Your money will be instantly deposited in your bank account.


Send an SMS with “W#[withdrawal amount]” to 20829.

Via USSD Code

  1. Enter * 852 # on the phone dialing interface and press the dial key.
  2. On the main interface, reply with the number 4 to enter into the withdrawal interface.
  3. Enter the withdrawal amount. The withdrawal amount range is KSH 10 ~ KSH 70,000.
  4. Withdraw funds through M-PESA.


The platform offers users a full range of services for valuable betting. Various betting markets and the ability to combine bets on different events are available on the website or in the Bangbet app. In general, the service is easy to use and user-friendly. If you have any questions, contact the support service or look for the answer in the FAQ section.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a Bangbet account?
You can register on the site, in the Android Bangbet app, or via SMS. All options are equal, and after the registration, you can log into the account on any device.
How do I register for Bangbet by SMS?
Send an SMS with “bangbet” to 20829. You will receive a message from the system with your password.” Welcome to Bangbet! Username: xxxxxx. Password: xxxxxx. Change your default Password after your first login. Make a Deposit by sending D#amount to 20829 to get FREE GIFTS right now!”
How do I find my customer ID for Bangbet?
You receive the ID during the registration. In your account, you will find this information.
How do you set up a bet?
To place a bet, you must find a game and select your desired betting market. The process may vary depending on the platform and the chosen method.
Can I withdraw my first deposit on Bangbet?
After wagering, you can withdraw the deposit and Bangbet bonus received during registration. You need to place a certain number of eligible bets.  
How do I register my bet account?
Visit the official Bangbet website or open the app and use the Register function. Fill in the required information and confirm your phone number. Registration is quick and takes just a few minutes.

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