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March 27, 2024 08:42PM
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Punters whose betting performance was successful are eager to get their winnings right here and now. If you are one of them, this article is just the right choice to learn more about the withdrawal process and the opportunities Helabet offers its registered users.

While your victory is coming, you better observe all the options and consider which is more profitable. That is why this article prepared by professionals is here to assist you and guide you through every offered option. However, before we continue with the main topic, a couple of sentences will be devoted to this eminent brand.

Brief Information About the Helabet Brand

Brief Information About the Helabet Brand

First, it is one of the most eminent and reliable bookmakers available for Kenyans. It offers access to many international championships and competitions and offers to play popular casino games.

Moreover, bettors can choose familiar payment methods known everywhere in the world, apply different tools while making their predictions, try various betting regimes, and claim multiple bonuses offered by that bookmaker. If you wish to check all the details about this betting brand, switch to the Helabet Kenyan online article.

Options on How to Withdraw Funds From Helabet

Options on How to Withdraw Funds From Helabet

Any visitor can have a look at the set of payment methods. It consists of electronic wallets and cryptocurrency. The set is not very extensive and has no local options that Kenyan users like so much. However, Kenyans can still find the option suitable for them. Let’s start taking a closer look at each of them.

Bank Cards

Almost every bookmaker with a great reputation offers their users the option to pay with cards, although it is not the most beneficial way. But there are some exceptions to this rule. As much as we like using bank cards, it is impossible here. So, players should look for other options on the platform. 

Mobile Money

Mobile money is the option many Kenyan punters use daily. For example, MPesa is one of them. It is easy to make all the operations in a couple of clicks. However, Helabet does not offer it, among other options.


Electronic wallets allow their owners to make instant transfers without any commissions. If you are a lucky owner of AstroPay or Jeton wallets, then you can easily send and receive money. It is one of the fastest ways to get your payouts without paying extra fees.


One of the best ways to send and receive money from the bookmaker is the anonymous way. Cryptocurrencies are just the right option that offers higher limits and no additional information from their users. Helabet allows its bettors to choose any of the coins, from Bitcoin to Ethereum.

Detailed Guide of Helabet Withdrawal Process

Detailed Guide of Helabet Withdrawal Process

Now, it is time to dive into the depth of the process itself. Helabet has three platforms under its brand: a standard website, a mobile website, and an Android application. We will provide you with orderly actions to get your winnings from Helabet.

Funding on a Website

If your main option is to replenish your betting balance via the standard or a mobile Helabet website, then you need to follow the instructions we published below.

1. #1 Step: Go to Helabet Site

Open the website and log into your account page. Choose the “Withdrawal” section and choose the method.
2. #2 Step: Provide Your Information
Indicate the necessary information and provide the amount you would like to receive.
3. #3 Step: Complete the Process
Confirm the transfer. Wait for the money to enter your balance. The platform does not require any extra fees.
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Replenishment via an App

App users can also choose any of the options for getting their payouts. If you are one of them, read our sufficient guide to do it fast and without any problems.

1. #1 Step: Open Helabet App

Tap on the icon to launch your application and enter your account. Then go to the “Withdrawals”. 

2. #2 Step: Choose Your Method

Observe the methods and select what suits your preferences. Indicate the needed information and the amount.

3. #3 Step: Obtain Your Winnings

Confirm the operation, and in several minutes, your winnings will appear on your account.

Other Ways to Withdraw Money From Helabet in Kenya

Other Ways to Withdraw Money From Helabet in Kenya

Sure, there are other options for how you can receive your winnings. And we will discuss them here in the following part of the article if there are some. Keep reading to find out more information.

How to Get a Payout From Helabet With Paybill?

Paying for many services using Paybill is one of the most sought-after options among Kenyans. However, since Helabet is not licensed by the local Kenyan regulator, its bettors have zero opportunity to make any operations with Kenyan Shilling and via the paybill method.

How to Withdraw via Mpesa?

MPesa is the second most popular payment option Kenyan users like. It allows you to use only your phone to make a transaction. However, it is also unavailable on the Helabet platform.

How Do You Receive Money via Visa/Mastercard?

Since Helabet does not work with any banks and cards, as mentioned previously, bettors cannot use any standard options, like Visa or MasterCard. Although, they are welcome to make transfers using electronic wallets.

How to Obtain Winnings via Cryptocurrency?

The last option is cryptocurrency, and it is available on the platform. Punters can find many coins and choose the ones they like. Such a method is fast, anonymous, and safe.

Helabet Withdrawal Limit & Commissions

As with any bookmaker, Helabet provides certain rules connected to the transaction amounts and commissions. While checking the requirements, our expert team uncovered that the bookmaker allows withdrawals starting from 1 USD, which is about 160 Kenyan shillings.

However, there is no maximum limit indicated, so it basically depends on the method a bettor chooses. Besides, the bookmaker does not charge any fees per transfer. Mind that it does not mean that your payment provider won’t take any commissions. You need to check it separately.

Helabet Transaction Time

The transaction time for withdrawals is instant. It is official information retrieved by our expert team. However, there still can be some delays caused by the verification of new bettors’ accounts. The procedure won’t take much of your time if you submit the required documents right when it is asked of you.

Helabet Withdrawal Problems

Helabet Withdrawal Problems

It is a common situation when Kenyan users have problems withdrawing money from their Helabet accounts. There can be several explanations and solutions to the issues.

#1 Reason: Incorrect Information

When you launch a withdrawal transfer, ensure all the digits and letters are correct. It diminishes the problem of inaccuracy and delays during the payout transaction. Otherwise, such a mistake can send your funds to someone else’s account, so you would need much more time to receive your winnings.

#2 Reason: Technical Error

However, it is not always a bettor’s fault. There are some bugs and errors of a technical nature that can arise while you are making a withdrawal request. If you face this type of situation, you can report it to customer support and wait for further instructions from them. You also can wait for some time and then try to repeat your action.

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Summing up the information, we are going to draw a line that the number of payment methods Helabet offers its users is not the widest one. However, it contains only reliable and trusted options Kenyans can still choose from. The services provided by this operator are definitely worth a try on its platform or using its app.


Is it safe to withdraw money from Helabet Kenya?
It is totally safe to get your payout from Helabet. The brand uses all the latest technologies to prevent any leakage and exposure. Information about your transactions stays secret and is not shared with anybody else.
What is the best Helabet withdrawal method?
The company offers several convenient Helabet withdrawal options. However, which of them to use is strictly up to a bettor. Experts prefer to use cryptocurrencies because they are safe and quick and allow one to get and send more money than all conventional methods allow.
How do you withdraw the Helabet bonus?
Helabet bonuses cannot be withdrawn without wagering. You can easily withdraw your winnings via any preferred option when you play with a reward for the exact number of times indicated in the offer.

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