How to Place Bets

How to Bet at HelaBet

March 29, 2024 06:05PM
Last update: April 2, 2024 05:15PM
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How to Bet at HelaBet

When you begin your betting journey, it is vital that you understand the process and algorithms of how you can do it online. Helabet is one of the best options Kenyan bettors can try to place their victorious selections.

One of the reasons for HelaBet’s popularity is that its sportsbook contents are rich with multiple options, from classic to some rare and exclusive types, like weather and politics. So, in the article, you can learn the specifics of betting on the Helabet platform.

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Brief Introduction to Helabet Company

Brief Introduction to Helabet Company

Helabet is a pretty famous online gambling and betting brand that is available for punters from Kenya. This brand has been long on the gambling market and has all the entertainment you wish to try on its platform.

Many punters from Kenya enjoy betting on sports and playing casino games here because it is very profitable. The number of bet types, markets, and events provides multiple opportunities to win big. So, is Helabet legit? You can learn more about its credentials in a separate article prepared by our experienced editorial team.

How to Place a Bet on Helabet

How to Place a Bet on Helabet

The process of making a prediction on any sports game is no different from that of other bookmakers. But to help you successfully place your first stake, follow our thorough guide.

1. #1 Step: Open a Browser and Go to Helabet

You can open any browser and visit the official Helabet website. Create an account or log into the existing one.

2. #2 Step: Make Your Choices

Click on sports and choose the type you like. Next, select a championship or a competition and observe the line of markets offered for this game. Click on the odds and outcomes you like to add your selections to the bet slip.

3. #3 Step: Confirm Your Stake

Indicate the bet amount you wish to place. Recheck that everything is filled in correctly and confirm the stake.

How Much Can You Bet With Helabet?

The Helabet minimum stake amount starts from 1 Ksh and goes up to 210,000 ZAR (about 1,746,000 Ksh). Basically, bettors with various budgets can join the platform and start placing smaller predictions on different sporting events.

However, it is worth noting that in case you need to claim a bonus, you should pay attention to the minimum deposit requirement. This condition can be different for each offer, so you need to consider it to activate the reward.

Types of Bets 

Types of Helabet Bets 

Helabet offers over 2 types of stakes, which is quite rare for any local bookmakers. Players can choose any of the offered types to make a powerful prediction. Understanding a situation can make you select a particular option. Therefore, we will take a more detailed look at each of the available variants here.

Placing of a Singlе Bеt

A single stake consists of one prediction on a particular outcome of one match. It is the basis of the sports betting process. They are very suitable when you only begin making predictions. Professionals use this type rarely, and they understand when such a bet is more profitable than other combinations.

Placing of an Accumulator Bеt

An accumulator bet allows users to create several single selections and accumulate them into one stake. The trick of such a complicated prediction is that if one of your selections fails, others become invalid for further competition. All predictions must work out for a bet to win.

To build an accumulator, choose different unrelated events and make your predictions from three to more selections or legs. Such a stake can significantly increase the offered odds.

Placing of a Chain Bеt

Chain bets are even more complicated than accumulators. It includes several single stakes made on unrelated outcomes. The stake amount of every bet is equal to the amount of the first bet in a chain. A player can determine the order of this complex prediction. Every time the stake wins, its amount rolls over to the next bet, and so on, so the balance is recalculated automatically after every victory.

Placing of an Anti-Accumulator Bеt

This type is the opposite of the accumulator prediction. It wins if any of your selections loses. It is a rare type of bet that you can hardly find on other platforms. This option is not very popular on other platforms, but professionals who use Helabet for wagering sometimes choose it.

Placing of a Multi Bеt

A multibet, in the case of the Helabet platform, consists of accumulators and single stakes. Players can make them in various events because they are not limited to competitions and championships here.

Placing of a Lucky Bеt

If you wish to try your luck, then this type of bet is here to help you win. It consists of single predictions and accumulators combined into one bet. Such a prediction gives a user a chance to win even if one of the predictions wins.

Placing of a System Bеt

Such a bet consists of equal accumulators. The system bet has a table where the bookmaker determines the available number of accumulators and outcomes.

Match Cancellation, Waiver and Postponement

However, sometimes, not everything can go as planned. Matches and championships can be canceled, postponed, or even delayed. Based on the Helabet rules and policies, in case of a match cancellation, the staked amount is returned to a player, and the bet is also canceled. If the match is postponed for more than 48 hours, all your bets will be void. 

How to Place a Winning Bet on Helabet

How to Place a Winning Bet on Helabet

Placing a stake is not an easy task. It requires certain skills and knowledge about the sport you bet on, team conditions, and many other contributing factors. Bettors with sufficient experience explain that there are several criteria a player must consider before placing a prediction. Here, you can observe some of them that can significantly influence your wagering performance:

  1. Take a look at match statistics. Observing previous games can provide you with some insights into the performance of the team and its members.
  2. Observe sports news. Know everything about your game. It can help you use some more profitable markets and make corresponding predictions.
  3. Try various bet types and markets. Then, start observing the options offered by this bookmaker.

Also, do not forget to stick to the rules of responsible gaming and set your money and time limits beforehand. 

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Withdrawal of Wins

Players who manage to win can receive their payouts via multiple options offered on the Helabet platform. Do not forget that in case you claim some bonuses, you need to wager them for the exact number of times stated in the bookmaker’s rules.


Helabet Conclusion

As you can see after reading our full review on how to place a successful bet, the Helabet bookmaker offers a massive line of choices. Punters can make very engaging and complex predictions to diversify your wagering.

The success of the outcome entirely depends on your skills and the accuracy of your analysis. Nobody can guarantee you a hundred percent result to grab a jackpot. You need to use various strategies, combine some single stakes, and use other available tools to profit from these wagering sessions, and Helabet provides you with all the necessary options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Helabet legal?
The Helabet brand is absolutely legal. It operates under a reputable Curacao license. It allows the brand to operate in accordance with laws and regulations, except for punters of legal age, and stick to the rules of fair gaming.
Can I play for free?
If you wish to try casino slots and other games, it is possible to play for free. You need to activate the demo regime to try and play with virtual currency. However, such an option is unavailable if you need to place a stake in a sporting event.

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