Who Owns BetWinner in Kenya?

December 17, 2023 05:05PM
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Despite the fact that the Betwinner betting website was only launched in 2018, no one anticipated that it would quickly become a favorite among both local gamblers and international bettors. The Betwinner team put in a lot of work to build this platform into what it is now — a fantastic sports betting website with lots of useful features and tremendously advantageous opportunities. To find out who started this platform and is behind all of this success, read this article. To know answers on other questions, contact Betwinner customer care.

Overview of BetWinner and the Owner

Review of BetWinner and Its Owner

Betwinner is renowned for offering top-notch sports betting services and being a user-friendly platform. Locals love this site because it is simple to understand and navigate, not to mention that it has mobile features that allow Kenyan bettors to access their preferred betting options via mobile devices.

Let us quickly go over the main attributes and features of the website. Even though we are aware of how well-liked this platform is, some bettors might not be familiar with it, so it is crucial to list all of its key features.

  • Sports Library: It would be impossible to ignore the platform’s extensive sports library. Because of its size, the sports collection is very diverse and accessible to users who prefer to wager on niche sports and less well-known activities. In addition to betting on sports like football, you can also wager on other sports like golf or lacrosse. 
  • Live betting: Live betting is a feature that many football fans really value. It is free to use on the website, and Betwinner not only gives its members the option to bet in real time, but it also provides live streaming services.
  • Promotions: There are numerous promotional offers available on the website that can be used to boost one’s betting experience and increase the chances of winning. However, our favorite offer is the welcome bonus, which is very generous. 
  • Payment methods: The site offers only trustworthy and reliable payment options, making the deposit and withdrawal processes more convenient and available to all site visitors.
  • Mobile services: Besides being available on desktop, the Betwinner platform is also accessible via any kinds of mobile gadgets running iOS or Android which facilitates the accessibility of the site and makes it possible to bet on the go.
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Information About the Owner of BetWinner in Kenya

It makes sense for a multinational sports betting company to have a different ownership structure in each nation it operates in. Speaking of the Kenyan Betwinner sportsbook, it goes without saying that its owner is different too. The BCLB, Kenya’s primary regulatory body, has granted the website a license in accordance with the Betting, Lotteries, and Gaming Act.

BetWinner Headquarters – Where Is BetWinner Located?

A company’s headquarters are the locations that house its managerial and administrative functions. The site’s management, regulation, and other crucial operations—including financial management—take place there.

Legality and Licensing

Betwinner Legality and Licensing

An important indicator of a website’s reputation and quality is its legal status. Because sports betting is legal in Kenya, the majority of betting websites operating in the country have licenses and are regulated by specific organizations. 

It is not advised to visit illegal platforms because they may be dangerous or just dishonest.

When it comes to Betwinner, it goes without saying that the platform is licensed and regulated by the Betting Lotteries and Gaming Act. This means that this site is totally legal in Kenya and may be safely visited. 

Legal Compliance in Kenya

Even though it is permitted to bet on sports online in Kenya, there are still certain rules that must be followed by those companies that wish to operate in the country. 

The majority of people have a tendency to view money games as challenging and dangerous, but in reality, this stereotype is mostly related to shady business practices and other illegal websites. 

A company must be certified and granted a license by a regulatory body in order to operate a sports betting operation legally in Kenya. The BLCB licenses the majority of legal platforms in Kenya, so look for this when determining whether a site has a good reputation or not. 

Additionally, use extreme caution when choosing an online sportsbook because there are many fraudulent websites out there that copy well-known betting platforms. Sports betting being legal in Kenya has repercussions that you should consider as well.

Reputation and Reliability of BetWinner

Reputation and Reliability of BetWinner

If you’re questioning the reliability of Betwinner in Kenya, then we can assure you that you  don’t have to worry. This platform is completely legal and enjoys a good reputation among users and the government. Since this platform is regarded as a large corporation, it obviously provides excellent services and attracts a lot of new customers on a daily basis. Betwinner owes much of its reputation to its position in the market. Here are the main justifications for believing Betwinner and why it is regarded as trustworthy.

  • Licensed and regulated by the BCLB
  • Authorized by the government
  • Has positive reviews from users
  • Offers trustworthy payment methods
  • Has a great reputation in numerous countries
  • Is owned by a huge and renowned company

Comparison With Other Bookmakers on the Market

Betwinner is unquestionably a highly reputable sportsbook, but it is difficult to compare it to other sizable companies, such as 1xBet, which has established itself as the most significant and reliable website throughout the international history of online sports betting.

But when compared to other local bookmakers, Betwinner is definitely more dependable and provides better services than those betting websites that were just recently launched by Kenyan sports fans. It is unfortunate that the majority of these platforms do not even bother creating mobile applications or providing welcome bonuses, for example. Because Betwinner is a multinational platform, it is possible that this has helped the company’s presence on the market expand more rapidly, which is surely a great advantage.
Let us compare Betwinner’s features to the three most widely used platforms in Kenya.

Welcome Bonus
Up To 15,000 KES
Get bonus

Let us compare Betwinner’s features to the three most widely used platforms in Kenya.

Welcome BonusLicenseMobile appCasino
BetwinnerUp to 15,000 KESBCLBiOS and AndroidNo
1xBetUp to 20,000 KESBCLBiOS and AndroidYes
HelaBetUp to 15,000 KESBCLBOnly AndroidYes
SportyBetNo welcome offerBCLBiOS and AndroidNo

Influence of the Owner on the Company’s Operations

Betwinner Influence of the Owner on the Company's Operations

You may be wondering what role the company owner plays in the growth and development of the Betwinner business since we started our article by talking about this subject. A platform like Betwinner is always supported by a large team, but we should not forget the person who came up with the initial concept for the website and the company that currently owns it. We advise considering the owner of Betwinner’s impact on the business and his function in this industry. 

Contribution of the Owner to Improve the Service and User Experience

The business, which owns the Kenyan version of the website, works to improve the sports betting experience for local users by adding new features and by developing local promotional offers and updating the mobile application frequently. The following duties are among the owner’s primary obligations.

  • Introducing fresh promotional offers for Kenyan gamblers
  • Creating more engaging betting features based on the preferences of local players
  • Upgrading the website’s navigation and offering users a convenient interface
  • Keeping the mobile application up to date
  • Including new wagering options
  • Bringing the sports collection up to date and adding new events  


Betwinner Conclusion

We can sum up this article by saying that the company that owns the Betwinner website in Kenya plays a crucial role in the country and is solely responsible for the platform’s operations and reputation there. We can also say with confidence that Betwinner is a trustworthy betting website with a variety of appealing features, including those that are primarily desired by betting enthusiasts. In addition, we think this site is user friendly and incredibly easy to navigate. We were happy to learn that the platform has a license, provides excellent mobile services, and welcomes new members with a sizable welcome package. The majority of the information about Betwinner’s owner was recapped in this article, but if you are interested in learning more, feel free to read our FAQ.


Does BetWinner operate in Kenya?
Yes, absolutely. Besides, it is totally legal and free.
Which bank does BetWinner use?
Betwinner accepts only Airtel and M-Pesa.
What is the maximum bet?
The maximum bet depends on the event you choose.
Which betting company is first in Kenya?
The first betting site in Kenya was launched in 2011, and it was called BetKenya.

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