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October 19, 2022 05:43PM
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Kenyans are definitely standing among the most dedicated gamblers in the world. Given the abundance of betting options in the East Africa region, this comes as no surprise. Betwinner is one of the most beloved sports betting platforms that provides a broad range of betting options in addition to a well-designed website and a great app.

In this article we will let you know how to to complete the registration process with Betwinner in Kenya.

What is Betwinner and What Are its Main Features?

Kenyans have access to plenty of betting possibilities through the well-known online sports betting platform Betwinner Kenya. Its essential features are as follows:

  • A broad variety of wagers and gambling games
  • Easy-to-use website and app
  • Live betting opportunites
  • Live broadcast of events
  • Practical tools for analytics of past events
  • Various incentives and promotions
  • An outstanding multi-language customer service, including English and many other local languages
  • An outstanding welcome bonus
  • Diversified range of top-up and cash-out options

With this amount of features it is no wonder many people want to register on BetWinner in Kenya. And you can have your Betwinner profile too, simply read on!

What Are the BetWinner Registration Requirements?

The BetWinner registration process can’t begin without you agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of the platform. The Terms and Conditions of the site are nothing new if you have already registered on a similar site.

  • You must be over 18 years old
  • Have a valid Kenyan ID or any other document
  • Agree to follow the Terms and Conditions and the Terms of Conduct of the site.

The second point is probably the most important so we need to talk about it in more detail.

Verification Documents

There are several document you can use to verify your account. They are:

  • Your ID.
  • Your driver’s license.
  • Your birth certificate.
  • Your utility bills.

By providing one of these documents in order to verify your account, you will make the BetWinner registration process as easy as it can be and will be able to go straight to sports betting.

How to Register for an Account on Betwinner

There are a few ways to the BetWinner registration. You can register through the website or via the app. We will be describing how to use both options in following paragraphs.

How to Register on Betwinner in Kenya via Website

1. Visit BetWinner

So, how to register via website? First and foremost, to register on BetWinner navigate to the BetWinner Kenya official website.

2. Go to “Registration” and Enter the Needed Information

Click on the “Registration” button. A registration form will pop-up. Put in the details require to complete the Betwinner registration , which may include your telephone number, email, name, and surname.

3. Confirm Your Phone Number and Agree with T&C

Do not forget to verify your account by requesting and entering the confirmation SMS code. Agree with Terms and Conditions and click on the “Register” button. Congratulations! You are now a member of the Betwinner Kenya gambling community.
Welcome Bonus
Up To 15,000 KES
Get bonus

How to Register via App in Kenya

The Betwinner registration process in the mobile app is a similar one to the regular Betwinner registration process on the website, with an added caviat of you requiring to download the app first. The mobile app is available for both Android and iOS, so you can bet no matter the OS of your device.

Let us now take a closer look at the Betwinner app registration.

Go to Betwinner to Get the App

First of all, you will need to download the app. It can be done easily, just go to the Betwinner site and scroll all the way down the page. Next, click on the icon of the operations system of your phone, the mobile app is going to be available on both Android and iOS.

Install the Betwinner App

Next up, you need to install the mobile app on your device. Betwinner app installation differs depending on your OS.

For iOS – you will be redirected to the AppStore upon clicking on the icon, and then you need to simply click on the “Get” button.

For Androind – to install the Betwinner app, you will need to click on the .apk file of it, allow installation from the unknown sources and only then the Betwinner app will be installed.

Provide the Information Needed for Betwinner Registration

From this point onward, the Betwinner registration process in the app is pretty much the same as on the website.

Click on the “Register” button. A registration form will appear. Type in your phone number and create a password for your account.

Verify Your Phone Number

An SMS message with a code will be sent to your phone number, type that code into its designated field and click on the “Register” button.


And its done! The registration process is complete! Now, you can bet ’till your heart’s content!

BetWinner Registration Bonus

The Betwinner registration bonus on the first deposit, also known as the Welcome Bonus. Is a special promotion you can receive when making your first deposit on the platform.

You can receive 100% of your deposit in free bets after registering with the platform and making your first deposit up to 15000 KES.

The Betwinner registration bonus has several conditions to it, such as the minimum deposit sum, types of bets you can use it on, etc.

The main point of the Betwinner registration bonus is that you can receive 30000 KES total, by making the first deposit up to 15000 KES.

How to Get a Betwinner Promo Code

In addition to the welcome bonus on the first deposit up to 15000 KES, you can use a promo code, which is a lucrative opportunity to get yourself additional funds for sports betting.

In particular, with the promo code: HELLOBK, you can get as much as 130 EUR (22000 KES) in free bets!

Use our Betwinner promo code, and get the edge on the competition now! Note that you can only apply the promo code in the registration form.

Main Perks of Betwinner Registration

We have briefly spoken about some of the main allures of Betwinner registration. Now, let us describe them in more detail.

Plenty of Live Betting Options

If you want to try your luck with some live betting – you can do so easily with Betwinner! There are plenty of matches in different sports and leagues in them with the added bonus of dynamic odds, so you can place a bet in the exact moment to maximize your profits!


The platform is filled to the brim with the different promotions and bonuses, aimed to make your sports betting experience as pleasant as possible. You can even purchase additional bonuses for special points awarded to Betwinner customers in Kenya.

Convenient Payment Methods

When it comes to payment methods used on the platform – you will not be disappointed. The most popular payment methods in Kenya are all available, with the added bonus of the cryptocurrencies being available.

Seamless Mobile App

As you already know, there is also a convenient app, developed for both iOS and Android. You can use it for betting, claiming bonuses, and any other betting-related thing you want to!

How You Can Login to Betwinner Kenya

1. Go to BetWinner Kenya and Press “Log in”

First, you will need to navigate to BetWinner Kenya, find the “LOG IN” button in the top right corner, and tap on it.

2. Enter the Information

Then fill up the appropriate fields using the password and the telephone number or email address. The browser will take you to the main page immediately if the data is accurate.

3. Do Not Forget That You Have an Option to Recover Your Password

In case you do not recall your password, hit the “Forgot Password?” button. The password-changing instructions will be provided to you through email. If you haven’t received an email in a while, you need to check your spam folder.
Welcome Bonus
Up To 15,000 KES
Get bonus

How to Verify a BetWinner Account

To complete the verification of the Betwinner account in less then a day, you should simply provide the company with a scan of one of the documents we listed above. It can be done in few easy steps.

Account Verfication on Betwinner Kenya

  1. First, if you want to complete the Betwinner verification, you need to register on the platform, obviously.
  2. Then, you need to go to the “Account” section of the website.
  3. In here, you will find a “Verification” section.
  4. Go there and provide one of the documents we have listed previously.
  5. After some time, your account will be verified and you will be good to go.

Common Problems With the Registration Process and Their Sollutions

Sometimes, issues may arise when you are trying to set up a Betwinner account. In case of you having an emergency of some sort, we have compiled the list of some of the possible problems and their solutions, so that you can find the answer to your query in no-tme.

You Have not Received a Confirmation Code

This one is some of the most common ones. The possible explanation behind this is that you probably have provided your phone number incorrectly. If you are sure it is not the case, and you have typed your phone number as it is – wait a couple more minutes, and you will get it. If not – just press the “Send the code again” button.

Your Phone Number Is Already Used

If you have previously been registered with Betwinner, your phone number will not be available for the registration process this time around. Try another number or simply login into your Betwinner account that already exists.

The Registration Form Does not Appear

If, for some reason, the registration form has not appeared on your screen – try refreshing the page. It should fix the issue. if you tried and the registration form still refuses to show up – try asking the support service about it.

The Verification Failed

If this happened to you – do not worry! Simply try again, with a different document, using our instructions you can find in the “How to Verify a BetWinner Account” section of the article, and you should be able to complete the Betwinner verification shortly after!

Can’t Acces the Website

It also is one of the most common problems. When you cant acces the website, you also won’t be able to acess your account on the Betwinner. There are a couple of reasons why this could be happening the most common one being the simple maintenance of the website i.e. bug fixes, update implementation etc. Just wait until you will be able to get on the Betwinner. It should not take all that long.

How to Contact the Betwinner Customer Support

Other, more serious issues may arise before, during, or after the registration process on Betwinner Kenya. In this case, you can contact the Betwinner customer support service. The people there are always eager to help you with any issue related to your Betwinner account. To reach out, ayou need to call the company, write them an email, or use the live chat feature.


Betwinner is a decent provider of wagering and gambling activities in Kenya that is quite popular in the region. While being financially protected from fraud and assisted in case of any troubles, you won’t feel any disturbance or annoyance when betting on sports on Betwinner Kenya.

Well-composed design and various functionality will not bother you and will only enhance your wagering experience. So, whether you are an avid gambler or a complete novice, consider Betwinner as a good option to try out.


Can I have multiple BetWinner accounts?

No, it is a strictly prohibited action. You can only have one account at Betwinner.

How long does it take to register on BetWinner?

Not long it all. Assuming you have correctly filled in the registration form, your Betwinner account will be up and running in only few minutes.

What is the Betwinner lowest deposit sum?

At Betwinner, the lowest amount you can deposit is 120 KES, meanwhile the highest sum is currently unknown.

How do I activate my BetWinner phone number?

Well, you do that during the sign up. So, to activate your number just commence forth with the sign up.

How do I permanently delete my Betwinner account?

To delete your Betwinner account – contact the customer support service specialist and ask them to delete your Betwinner account immediately.

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