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April 4, 2024 07:34PM
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In today’s world, we are surrounded by abundant opportunities and choices, and the betting industry is no exception. Among Kenyan players, the choice often falls on 22Bet. And it is not without reason. It offers a wide range of sports and casino bets and numerous bonuses, ensuring security and reliability throughout the gaming process. 

However, as a rule, everything in life starts with understanding the basics. 

To make successful bets, it is important to grasp the sequence of actions and fundamental principles right from the start. Therefore, if you have chosen 22Bet, we have prepared a special guide with a structured description of how to place bets with this bookmaker.

What Should I Know About 22Bet Before I Start Betting?

What Should I Know About 22Bet Before I Start Betting?

22Bet is a well-regarded betting platform in Kenya, so you can feel in safe hands. With its user-friendly interface and accessible algorithm, 22Bet is a very comfortable service for newcomers to the betting world. The diversity of betting opportunities is astounding: everyone will find something for themselves among over 1000 sporting events and various casino games. 

Would you like to dive deeper into the features of the company? Check our overall review about 22bet.

How to Place a Bet on 22Bet?

How to Place a Bet on 22Bet?

The 22Bet platform was designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. Nevertheless, having the option to double-check your actions with a guide is always beneficial. To make things easier, we’ve created a tutorial on how to place wagers. You just need to follow our instructions!

1. Set up an Account

Visit the official 22Bet page or open the 22Bet app. Look for the green “Registration” button situated in the upper right corner and click on it. Choose your preferred method of account creation (via Phone number or Social Media), input your personal information, verify it using a confirmation code or through social media authorization, and complete the process by clicking the “Register” button. Great job!

2. Make a Deposit

Once you have registered and logged in, it is time to top up your account. Find the “Deposit button” and click it. Complete the form with your desired method of payment. After that, write down your phone number and the amount of cash that you want to fund, and press “Confirm.” Successful balance top-up opens your door to the world of betting with 22Bet.

3. Pick up the Sport and the Event to Place a Wager

The moment of choosing a game is always exciting. 22Bet offers an extensive range of sports. To familiarize yourself with them and select something for a bet, focus on the top of the page and navigate using the ‘Sports’ and ‘Live’ buttons. Simply browse through the types of sports and view the competitions until you find the desired one, then select your preference by clicking on it.

4. Place Your Bet

The next step is completing your “Betslip” form. The events and the conditions you offered earlier should appear on your coupon. Write down the amount of bets, and then don’t forget to double-check the information. If everything is correct, go ahead and press the “Place a bet” button. The process is momentary, so you can see the changes after reloading the page. Now, all you have to do is wait for the result and hope for the lucky streak!
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Limits: Minimum and Maximum Stake

Another significant aspect every punter should be aware of is the stake limits. In Kenyan 22Bet, the minimum wager for any individual selection is €0.20. As for the maximum wage, the user sets it for each selection individually, and these limits vary based on the sport, event, and type of bet.  The maximum odds for single bets are restricted to 200, whereas for accumulators, the limit stands at 500.

If you would like to learn more details about the 22Bet limits, feel free to explore our article that thoroughly covers this topic.

The Main Types of Bets and the Specifics of Their Placement

The Main 22bet Types of Bets and the Specifics of Their Placement

Kenyan 22Bet offers multiple types of bets to its users, allowing each individual to find something to suit their preferences. In this guide, we will describe the main two, highlighting their peculiarities and differences.

Placing of a Singlе Bеt

The most basic type of betting is a single bet. The main idea is that you are wagering on a solitary result of an event. In other words, you are trying to predict a single outcome of only one event. The payout from a single bet is calculated by multiplying the amount wagered by the odds assigned to the specific result. 

Let us break down an example based on a basketball game. You believe that the Lakers will win, so you place a single bet on them. If they win, you will earn money.

To place a single bet, you need to follow our detailed instructions above. In short, select a single event and wager. 

Placing of a Multi Bеt

As evident from its name, the Multi Bet is a complex wager. It comprises multiple individual single bets, and to win, each of your selected bets must be predicted accurately. Despite being riskier and more challenging, it offers the potential for higher winnings.

For instance, let’s say you select two games for your Multi Bet: betting on the Lakers in basketball and on Liverpool in football. If both teams win, you receive your reward based on the multiplied odds. However, if one of these teams loses, you will end up losing the money you wagered.

To place a Multi Bet, you need to click on the preferred players or teams you believe will win, one by one. Each selection will appear in your bet slip, along with the multiplied odds. To complete the process, you have to press the “Place a bet” button.

Match Cancellation and Postponement

22bet Match Cancellation and Postponement

You might ask: “What happens to my bet if a match gets canceled or postponed?” The answer is: you don’t need to worry about it. Usually, according to the bookmaker’s terms, the bet becomes invalid in such situations, and you receive a refund of your money.

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Tips on How to Place a Winning Bet on 22Bet

Of course, the main component is understanding the technical sequence of actions in placing bets. However, sometimes, that’s not enough for successful betting. We have gathered a few life hacks that might be helpful:

  1. Gather statistics and try to analyze the history of wins of the team or player you’re betting on.
  2. Double-check all the data you input.
  3. Don’t rush.
  4. Aim to control your excitement and wager a reasonable amount of money that won’t endanger your budget if it’s lost.


22bet Conclusion

As you can see, the process of betting on 22bet in Kenya is quite simple and welcoming for beginners. Follow our tutorial, enjoy the wide variety of betting options, and good luck will always be with you!


What is the minimum amount I can bet on 22Bet?
The minimum amount for placing a wager is €0.20.
How do I use a bet ID for the booking code?
Every bet slip has its own bet ID. You can copy it and share it with your friends. If he puts it into his bet slip, he immediately gets a ready-to-use coupon and simply places the bet himself.
How to add or delete selections to your bet slip at 22Bet?
To add a selection, you should click on the desired game/player. To remove a selection, you should click on the cross in your betslip.

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