How to 22Bet in Kenya app?

December 6, 2022 03:23PM

Kenyan punters are, for sure, an experienced bunch, and to satisfy their demands, the bookie should be not only fair and reliable but also present them with something unique. This is when the 22bet comes into play. A sportsbook with a crystal clear reputation and a long list of splendid assets will definitely be interesting to many bettors. Today we will have a thorough look at their app, giving you all the required info about it in high detail.

Key Features of the 22bet App

22bet’s application’s list of facets is quite long, but we will try to give you a quick rundown on them.

Firstly, let’s talk about the most acclaimed one of the assets of the platform, which is live betting. It basically allows you to wager on the games that are currently underway. Quite convenient.

Secondly, the 22bet app has a huge variety of betting options, sports, and individual games, so that everyone can find the exact thing they would like.

These are only two of the many features, but they sure are very compelling. And we’re sure that they will entice every punter there is.

A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Install the 22bet App on Your Device

Installing the application is unbelievably simple. Whether you use Android or iOS, there are versions of the app for both systems. The process does differ for them, but we have made a comprehensive guide for each operating system.

For Android:

  1. Search for the 22bet webpage.
  2. Open it up.
  3. Locate the “Applications” prompt and hit it.
  4. Go to your gadget’s settings and check in the “Allow the installations from unknown sources” box.
  5. The window will appear, in which you should find the “Install” button and tap on it.
  6. Done and done!

For iOS:

The main option involves you proceeding to the 22bet website and pressing the “Download the iOS App” button. Then you’ll be directly transferred to the 22bet page in the App Store, from which you are able to tap on “Get” and install the app on your iPhone.

After you’ve finished, log into your account, but in case you don’t have one yet, read how to create one below.

Creating an Account in the 22bet Application

  • Open up the 22bet application.
  • A prop for registration will appear, tap on it.
  • In the designated fields, write down your phone number and pick the currency of use.
  • Come up with the password.
  • Tap on the “Register” button when you’re done and that is it!

Pretty clear, isn’t it? Now, you will only need to log into the app and make a deposit before actually starting to bet. Wonder how you do it? Check out our further instructions.

How to Deposit Funds on 22bet

  1. Launch the 22bet.
  2. Locate and then hit the “Account” tab.
  3. Once in, press the “Deposit” button.
  4. Select the preferred payment method.
  5. Specify the sum you’d like to take in.
  6. Confirm the transaction.
  7. All done!

What Pay Options Can You Use

You will be capable of picking from a couple of payment options. They are: Favoured by Kenyan folk MPesa as well as Airtel Money.

How to Place a Wager

If you are inclined to put a wager, simply follow these guidelines and you’ll be all good.

  1. Launch the app.
  2. Ensure that you’re logged in.
  3. Pick a sport of your liking.
  4. Decide on a specific match.
  5. Get yourself a bet slip by selecting the betting options preferable.
  6. Specify an amount you would like to stake.
  7. Check if everything is correct in your bet slip.
  8. Hit “Confirm.”

Now that everything is done, simply enjoy the game and wait for it to resolve.

The Difference between the Mobile Application and the Website

Significant differences are present across the web-platform and the app. In some instances, one is better than the other, but they’re still both prime options for any bettor.

The two of them sport excellent and intuitive user interface and a sleek, modern design.

The devil hides in the details. Webpage has more cohesive and complete information on teams, tournaments and matches in the form of statistical data.

App on the other hand, allows you to place stakes at any time anywhere. This increase in mobility is a perk so massive, you can forgive the limits of the application just for that.

But in the end, to each their own and we are absolutely positive that you will find both of them attractive for your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Does the 22Bet app work in Kenya?

Yes, it does, and it is also available for download on both Android and iOS gadgets.

  • Can I pay with Skrill?

Indeed. And you will also be able to pay via a plethora of other methods listed above.

  • What is the in-play feature?

In-play, also known as live betting, is a feature that allows you to put a stake on a game that is underway.


The 22bet is basically every bettor’s dream. It is incredibly easy to use, has a long list of very enticing features, such as in-game betting, the detailed analytical and statistical data and finally, it is simply quite pretty to look at. Both the website and the mobile application will work wonders for you, elevate your betting experience and make placing wagers on sports feel new and exciting even for the seasoned veteran. You should definitely check it out if you still haven’t.

December 6, 2022 03:23PM
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