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April 2, 2024 05:56PM
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Betting platforms need new users; therefore, many offer to earn money by promoting the platform. 22Bet also has such an offer. This service also invites website and blog owners to cooperate. In this review, we will talk in detail about the earning opportunities in this affiliate program.

About 22Bet Company

About 22Bet Company

At first glance, 22Bet can be confused with 1xBet due to the similar interface. However, these are entirely different independent platforms, and the similarity is caused only by the same software. 22Bet is one of the leading players in the Kenyan market thanks to its excellent selection of sporting events, excellent range of casino games, and convenient features. You will find a detailed description of all features in our 22Bet bookmaker review.

Benefits of the 22Bet Affiliate Program

This affiliate program offers affiliates 20 percent of the net income from invited users. Every month, 22Bet affiliate program participants receive a commission payment if the result of their actions brings in $100 or more. There are several primary advantages of cooperation:

  • High percentage: 20 net profit.
  • Opportunity to work under CPA
  • Thoughtful offer with many services
  • High platform potential and attractiveness for users.
  • A large selection of systems for withdrawal from the 22Bet affiliate program.
  • It is not necessary to have your website to become a member.

22Bet Affiliate Commission

22Bet Affiliate Commission

The affiliate program’s main type of commission payment is RS, which has a rate of 20 percent. It must be taken into account that the amount is indicated net, that is, taking into account all the establishment’s costs per client. You also need to take into account that the rate is not fixed. This means that at first, it will be like this, but later, it can vary, depending on the success of the affiliate. The number of users with the first deposit. After six months of fruitless work, the rate can be reduced to 15 percent. After another six months, another reduction may occur, only to 5 percent. If the webmaster has FTD, their income will be 20 percent net.

As for the CPA type, it’s also in the 22Bet affiliate program, but it’s connected individually for each web, which can confirm the excellent quality of traffic and the corresponding volumes. This payment model implies that payments will be one-time, per action. That is, you need to invite a player who will be active. A sum of money is required for this, which strictly depends on the GEO indicator. Some affiliate networks also offer to work using CPA. The rate in one of them is more than $80.

Basic Income and Commission Rates

Thus, most users receive 20% of the platform’s profits from referred users. This percentage can change either up or down. The official website shows you can increase this figure to 50%.

Key Features of the 22Bet Affiliate Program

Key Features of the 22Bet Affiliate Program

Let’s take a closer look at the features of the affiliate program and how it differs from other similar offers.

Requirements for Joining the 22Bet Affiliate Program

The platform imposes the following requirements on affiliate participants:

  • Partner must be of legal age
  • The user must have a traffic source that matches the topic and requirements of the platform.
  • It’s prohibited to use spam or promote the platform in ways that discredit it.
  • Contextual advertising mentioning the 22Bet affiliate brand is forbidden.
  • You cannot register using your 22Bet affiliate links.
  • Incentivized traffic is prohibited.

These are just the basic requirements. Please review the complete list before deciding to collaborate.

Platforms for 22Bet Promotion

You can advertise a bookmaker on your website or blog. A YouTube channel on a relevant topic is also suitable. At the same time, the rules prohibit you from using contextual advertising or otherwise attracting other resources to promotion.

Promo Codes and Bonuses

Among the promotional materials provided by the company, you will find promotional codes you can give your users to stimulate interest. They may increase the size of the welcome bonus or entitle you to a free bet.

Sub-Partnership Program

You can also have an additional source of income. This is a referral program that provides 5 percent from invited webmasters. Referrals will invite players to the project, and they will receive profit from this. The inviter will receive 5 percent of this profit.

Benefits of VIP Partner Status

You can get VIP status if you work successfully and attract many users. It involves an increased percentage and discussion of individual terms of cooperation.

Tools and Support for 22 Bet Partners

The company provides all the necessary materials for successful promotion, such as banners and landing pages. In a convenient dashboard, you can track the effectiveness of each tool and adapt your campaign. If you have any questions, you can ask them by contacting support.

How to Create an 22bet Affiliate Link

To join the 22Bet affiliate program and generate a link, you must create a webmaster account. It’s easy to do, just follow these instructions.

1. Step 1

Click the red “Sign Up” button, then fill out the registration form indicating all the requested data.

2. Step 2

Check the box to agree with the terms and conditions of the 22Bet affiliate program and click the green “Register” button.

3. Step 3

After registering with the 22Bet affiliate program, a notification will appear stating that you must wait up to 2 days for the manager to check the submitted data. In your account, generate a link to place on your resource. It’s through this that your users will go to the 22Bet website.

When registering, please provide your current information. Otherwise, problems may arise during verification or subsequent withdrawal of money.

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

Since the affiliate program involves making a profit, it is logical that users are primarily interested in the possibility of withdrawing funds.

Available Payment Options

The 22Bet platform cooperates with various payment systems. In many ways, the choice of methods depends on the partner’s country. However, in any case, you will find several convenient options.

Payment Frequency and Thresholds

After accumulating $100, you can withdraw funds once a month. If you haven’t reached this target in a month, continue working. Your funds don’t expire but are transferred to the next month.

Maximizing Profits: Tips and Strategies

The amount of your earnings depends entirely on your actions. If you think placing a link on the site is enough, then the affiliate program is not for you. Tell your audience about the possibilities of 22Bet, and also create exciting content around the brand. Then, your subscribers will actively go to the site and register.

Don’t forget to give promotional codes and make the most of the promotional materials provided. They are designed considering the service’s specifics and are highly effective.

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22bet Conclusion

22Bet is an international casino and betting platform with an affiliate program. No user from an adequately selected target audience can ignore the comprehensive line and painting, profitable bonuses, an exciting casino, and similar services that can bring pleasure and money. High-quality service applies not only to players but also to users of the affiliate program. For example, the commission will go to the player’s balance, and from there, it can be withdrawn in any convenient way from an extensive list of available ones.


Can affiliates promote more than one 22Bet brand?
You can promote a brand relevant to your country. This will help you attract your target audience more quickly.
How are commission rates determined in the 22Bet Affiliate Program?
The size of the commission depends on your activity. If you bring a few users, then this indicator will decrease. The most active partners receive the maximum percentage.

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