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November 13, 2023 07:12PM
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When choosing a platform, bettors are always interested in the benefits that this bookmaker can offer. The promotions program can surprise even an experienced player because it is incredibly diverse and provides promotions for all categories of players, and you can read about it in detail in our extensive review. 

However, remember another way to win a large amount: the jackpots. The more types of such draws are presented on the platform, the more chances you have to get rich instantly. In this review, we will look at the available jackpot on the platform and determine how to get the most out of this bet. To know more about other 1xBet bonus offers, please read our article on the topic.

Overview of 1xBet Jackpot Offer

Overview of 1xBet Jackpot Offer

The jackpot, called a totalizator or Toto on the 1xBet platform, involves bets on events the bookmaker selects in advance. Depending on the draw type, you must correctly predict the results of up to 15 matches.

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Jackpot Types

Bettors can choose the type of jackpot depending on their preferred sport type of bet or even take advantage of the free jackpot.


It is the most popular type of betting in the 1xBet bookmaker. It works based on classic rules that require participants to correctly predict the outcomes of 15 events (win 1, draw, or win 2). Football and hockey fights are presented in this type of Toto, in which two equivalent rivals meet. Fifteen matches can be from both well-known and less popular divisions.

TOTO “Correct Score”

Totalizator Correct score from the betting company 1xBet obliges players to predict football matches’ outcomes and exact scores. Each draw consists of 8 events; the participant must correctly predict two events to get into prizes. The jackpot will hit the player who guessed all eight results in this discipline.


The rules of football betting in 1xBet are similar to the TOTO 15 described above. Still, they have two major differences – coupons comprise 14 events, and only football events can be included in the forecasts. Prize payouts also start with nine matched matches.

TOTO “Ice Hockey”

1xBet Hockey betting has specific rules. At first glance, it may seem more straightforward and profitable than others because coupons comprise only five events. However, for this Toto, the bookmaker offers to predict complex betting options, including the exact score of one of the periods of a hockey match, etc.

TOTO “Basketball”

The Basketball discipline is considered one of the most challenging totos at 1xBet. Here, the participant needs to make a coupon for nine events. Each match must be predicted correctly, taking into account the winner and the total number of points in the game.

Players who correctly predicted at least four matches fall under the prizes. The jackpot is sent to the participant with a 100% score of 9 out of 9. Toto Basketball draw frequency is once every two days.

ESports TOTO 

Betting on events from the world of eSports is rapidly gaining popularity worldwide. In this regard, 1xBet has integrated the Cybersport sweepstakes into its service. Here, players need to predict the outcomes of 15 events simulated by the bookmaker in real-time. In most cases, this discipline features virtual football matches of the popular FIFA game.


Every day, users can make one free bet in this jackpot. Winners receive bonus points, which can be exchanged for the desired bonuses in the store. You must correctly predict the results of 8 to 12 events to win.

Jackpot Rules and Conditions

To become a participant in the totalizator in 1xBet, the player must go through the registration procedure on the official website. After authorization, you can get acquainted with all types of sweepstakes in the “TOTO” section of the site. 

The amount entered by the players determines the size of the prize pool of each draw. 1xBet is an intermediary and guarantor of payments, taking a certain percentage of the money pool. The win amount determines the number of outcomes the player correctly predicted in his bet slip. The jackpot goes to the participant who guessed the results of all announced matches.

How to Get 1xBet Jackpot

How to Get 1xBet Jackpot

Any user of the platform can access the jackpots. To do this, follow these steps.

  1. Create an account on the platform in a way convenient for you and confirm your contact details.
  2. Go through account verification. You can place a bet before this procedure. However, unverified users may have difficulty withdrawing funds. Since the jackpot is a big win, go through this procedure beforehand.
  3. Open the jackpot section by clicking on the corresponding button in the top menu or the footer. Choose the appropriate type of Toto and carefully read its terms and conditions.

How to Use 1xBet Jackpot

How to Use 1xBet Jackpot

It is effortless to use the received jackpot. It will take you just a few steps.

  1. Make accurate predictions to win the jackpot. The number of correct bets in a coupon depends on the draw type.
  2. Wait for the money or points to be credited to your account. The system needs time to analyze the results and name the winners.
  3. Manage your winnings. If the jackpot involves a cash prize, withdraw the money or use it for further bets. If you win bonuses in Free Toto, exchange them for promotional codes in the 1xBet Promo Codes store.

Rules for Getting Jackpot Bonuses

Rules for Getting 1xbet Jackpot Bonuses

Getting bonus points in the free jackpot is subject to specific rules, like all betting on the platform.

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Conditions of Jackpot Bonuses

You can participate in the free sweepstakes every day. In doing so, keep the following rules in mind:

  • Registered users with a verified account have access to the jackpot.
  • The system accepts bets strictly before the start of the game. If the bet was made during the match, it is considered invalid.
  • All events that have been postponed due to technical, weather, or any other reasons are considered canceled. 
  • If one game in the coupon was canceled, your bet would automatically be counted as winning.

Jackpot Bonuses Limits and Terms

The maximum win is 7000 points, and the minimum is 10 points. Bonus points will be credited to the account within an hour after the end of the last game of the drawn draw. The system does not limit the time of using the bonus, but it is more profitable to immediately exchange points for a free bet than to save them for the future.

Benefits of 1xBet Jackpot 

Benefits of 1xBet Jackpot

The 1xBet totalizator program benefits users and allows them to win large sums.

Possible Winnings

The most promising and popular is 15-TOTO, where users can win up to 500,000 euros or the equivalent amount in local currency. Such a win is possible with the correct prediction of the results of all 15 events.

Additional Bonuses 

Free Toto allows you to get bonus points that open access to tempting offers. In the Promo Code Shop, users can buy free bets, free spins, and access to bonus games.

How to Increase Your Chances of Winning

How to Increase Your Chances of 1xbet Winning

Experienced bettors know that a successful bet depends not on luck but on careful planning and analysis. Use these tips to increase your chances of winning.

Tips and Strategies for Jackpots 

There are only two main tips for winning the jackpot.

  • Use game strategies. It is possible to win an incredible amount of money purely by chance. Still, as a rule, customers are willing to spend some time studying the game’s mechanism, determining its features, or drawing up winning strategies.
  • Fill out more tickets. The vast majority of jackpot entertainment is built on the principle of a lottery, the success of which may depend on the number of coupons filled in: the more combinations, the higher the chance of winning.

Based on this, the most patient players resort to the “Fan” strategy, filling the coupons with the maximum number of allowed positions. Such a solution is designed for maximum profit in one of the draws because with small amounts in single coupons, the prize money will fluctuate around zero, or the tickets will not pay for themselves.

Welcome Bonus
Up To 20.000 KES
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Analysis of Professional Forecasts and Predictions

On the Internet, you can always find paid and free recommendations of cappers that promise you mountains of gold. Such forecasts should be treated with caution. It is best to rely only on your calculations. However, other people’s predictions can give interesting thoughts and demonstrate practical strategies. Therefore, they should not be neglected entirely.


1xbet Conclusion

A jackpot is an excellent opportunity to win the maximum amount with a small bet. The 1xBet platform provides draws for every taste. You can choose depending on your preferred type of demand or bet. At the same time, a free daily jackpot is available to users. Regarding the number of offers in this section, 1xBet is significantly superior to its competitors.


What is the 1xBet jackpot?
Jackpot is a type of multibet in which the bookmaker provides a coupon with already selected events. You get a win depending on the number of correctly guessed results.
What is the jackpot payout?
The payout depends on the type of jackpot and the number of winners. The total prize fund is divided among the winners in proportion to the number of correctly predicted events.
How does the 1xBet jackpot work?
The platform offers you a list of matches. Your task is to predict their results correctly. Some types of Toto allow you to win with a few wrong bets. Others require a complete match.
How can I withdraw money from the jackpot?
You can withdraw money by any of the methods offered by the platform. This amount does not need to be won back. It is immediately available for receipt.
What is a jackpot, and how does it work?
A jackpot is another way to make money on a betting platform. You predict the results of a certain number of events. And if your predictions are correct, you get a prize.

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