1Win Withdrawal Guide

July 8, 2024 06:22PM
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 In this article, we’ll talk about withdrawing funds from the 1win platform in Kenya.

1win can boast of several other obvious benefits: the variety of deposit methods and their user-friendliness. Let us not forget that withdrawal features are no less vital than deposit features. The convenience of the process is the main factor in the user experience. Therefore, bookmakers try to make it convenient. Users are to choose from several payment options: on the 1win platform you can select from bank cards, payment systems, and cryptocurrencies. For added convenience, the bookmaker offers apps for all platforms. They will allow you to place bets on a go. Since this review is dedicated to withdrawals, we will not go into detail about all the functions. For this information, read about them in the article about the 1win betting platform in Kenya.

How to Withdraw Money From 1win

How to Withdraw Money From 1win

The withdrawal process is intuitive. Users usually do not have any difficulties. To understand the full essence of withdrawal, let’s look at the options available to you.

How to Withdraw on the 1win Website

If you use the web version for betting, it will be convenient for you to withdraw money there. Here’s how to do it.

1. Step 1

Open the official website. This can be done in any browser. Log in to your account.

2. Step 2

Open the withdrawal section and select the desired method.

3. Step 3

Provide the required information and submit your application.

How to Withdraw From 1win in Mobile App 

Mobile users can also submit a withdrawal request in a few minutes. To do this, you need to follow this algorithm.

  1. Launch the application on your device and log in to your account.
  2. In the withdrawal section, select the method you need.
  3. Enter the amount and enter all requested information.

Withdrawal Methods in 1win

Withdrawal Methods in 1win

There are currently two options available to Kenyan users. This is the Perfect Money payment system and cryptocurrency. Next, we will look in detail at your actions in both cases.

How to Withdraw via Perfect Money

To use this method, you will need an account in the Perfect Money system. Once you register, follow these steps.

  1. Go to the withdrawal section on the 1win platform.
  2. Select Perfect Money and specify the withdrawal amount.
  3. Provide the requested information about your Perfect Money wallet and confirm sending the application.

How to Withdraw via Crypto Wallet

If you have funded your account with cryptocurrency, you can withdraw your winnings in the same way. To do this, follow these instructions.

  1. In the withdrawal section, select a cryptocurrency.
  2. Enter the withdrawal amount and requested data.
  3. Confirm your withdrawal.

Rules and Conditions for Withdrawing Money From Your 1win Account

Rules and Conditions for Withdrawing Money From Your 1win Account

1win withdrawals are subject to certain rules. It’s understandable since it’s a financial matter.  You have to learn these rules in advance so the process goes smoothly.

What verification and documents are required to withdraw from 1win?

Since 1win is a responsible bookmaker, the system requests user verification. You must verify your identity. In addition, during the verification process, the bookmaker identifies minor users who are prohibited from using the platform. To confirm your identity, submit all requested documents. Typically, this is an ID, a bank account statement, a utility bill receipt indicating your residential address, etc. The bookmaker has a right to request other documents.


The platform sets a minimum and maximum withdrawal threshold. You can receive any amount in this interval.

1win Minimum Withdrawal

The minimum limit depends on the method you choose. For M-Pesa, it is 1,000 KES, and for cryptocurrency, it is 4,645 KES.

1win Maximum Limits

The upper limit also differs for payment instruments. In the M-Pesa system, you can withdraw no more than 150,000 KES. When using a cryptocurrency wallet, you can withdraw up to 1,379,813 KES.


The bookmaker does not charge money for withdrawals. This makes receiving your winnings even more profitable.

1win Withdrawal Time

The application processing time depends on the chosen method. Perfect Money transfers funds in 3 business days. Withdrawals to a cryptocurrency wallet are processed faster and usually occur within 48 hours.

How To Cancel a 1win Withdrawal

You can’t cancel the withdrawal yourself. In some cases, this can be done through support. However, cancellation is possible within a short time. Therefore, write to specialists as soon as possible. You will need to provide a reason for this decision.

1win Withdrawal Problems

1win Withdrawal Problems

When withdrawing money, it is especially annoying to encounter problems. We hasten to reassure you: most often, they are easily resolved.


If you have not passed verification, withdrawal of money is not possible. There is no way around this condition. Provide the requested documents and wait for them to be verified. After this, the withdrawal option will be available.

Technical Problems

The second reason is technical failures. This could be server work or maintenance. You don’t need to do anything. Just wait. You can check the time frame for solving the problem with the support service.


When withdrawing, it is important to consider the limits. Each method has its own. Check the latest information on the bookmaker’s website. If you exceed the daily limit, repeat the withdrawal the next day.

Incorrect Information

If you made a mistake when entering data, withdrawal of funds will not be possible. Carefully check your wallet number, your data, and other information, and then there will be no problems.

Customer Support in Kenya

Support service is there to help you. The easiest way to contact the specialists is in live chat. This option is available in the application and on the website. You can also write an email. The address depends on the nature of your question.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is withdrawal in cryptocurrency available on 1win?
Yes, you can withdraw money to any of the offered cryptocurrencies.
How long does it take to withdraw funds from 1win?
The withdrawal period depends on the chosen method. Cryptocurrency wallets allow you to withdraw money within two days. Perfect Money processes applications within three working days.
How to withdraw money from 1win quickly and safely?
Today, the fastest way to withdraw funds is cryptocurrency. As for security, the bookmaker cooperates only with reliable operators. Therefore, all methods are equally safe.

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