Paripesa Promo Code: How to Get an Extra 30% on Your Welcome Bonus

June 21, 2024 05:54PM
Last update: June 28, 2024 05:35PM
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How can you get more benefits with Paripesa? Our editorial team knows at least one way to help you earn more from sports betting. It is possible if you participate in its bonus program and visit a special promo code store. If you are already interested, keep reading our article and find out more about the promo codes offered by this bookmaker.

By the way, you can claim any of the bonuses after you sign up. Registration is very swift and convenient. Anybody can sign up for free and receive the whole spectrum of services, from wagering via applications to participating promos. For more information on each of the Paripesa bonus deals, read our article. 

How to Select Promo Codes in Kenya

You will be surprised, but Paripesa has all sorts of codes punters can receive in exchange for bonus points. It makes the interest among users grow. Here, we can describe the process of selecting and using the Paripesa promo offer.

1. #1 Step: Enter Promo Code Store

Enter the store and observe the set of options. Acknowledge the number of bonus points you have on your balance.

2. #2 Step: Choose Category

Click on the following categories: betting, sports, games, and esports. Pick the one that is suitable for the amount of points.

3. #3 Step: Start Picking Your Code

Then, you can observe the number of options the bookmaker offers you for using the promo combination. Once you make up your mind, finalize your decision by confirming your choice.

Video Manual

Terms of Use

Paripesa Terms of Use

Every betting platform states clear terms and conditions users must follow to redeem their bonus codes. Before we lay out the set of rules connected with the use of bonus codes, we need to mention that to access the promo combinations store, punters must register on the Paripesa website. Below, you may check other vital rules and requirements:

  1. Specifics of use. Each promo offer can be used only on the game or a sporting event mentioned in the description.
  2. Non-refundable bets. When you decide to use a promo to place a sports bet, you should understand that it is not refundable. So, in case everything does not go as planned, you cannot cancel your stake and get the money back.
  3. Promo code bets cannot participate in further promotions. It is impossible to claim more freebies when you plan to make a promo code stake.
  4. One combination is granted per user. There is no allowance for many betting accounts, so as a result, you cannot receive many codes for wagering.
  5. 30 days period. Newly joined players will receive their bonus funds within 30 days after the registration. Only after they are credited to your account can you start exchanging them into the codes you like.
  6. One promo combination per day. Players can claim only one of them within 24 hours. So, it is impossible to receive several promos and place multiple bets with them.
  7. Cryptocurrencies are unacceptable. This means that not all types of bonuses are valid for crypto deposits.

Following these main rules and conditions will ensure that punters from Kenya receive the best positive experience while exchanging their points for the promo codes.

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How to Use Promo Code in Paripesa in Kenya

How to Use Promo Code in Paripesa in Kenya

Next, we will tell you how to use the promos you receive in Paripesa. The algorithm is not very complicated. Since the platform offers different kinds of entertainment, we can provide you with instructions on how you can apply your codes for betting, casino games, and in the app.

In Casino

Gamblers can choose among multiple casino offers. The bookmaker provides various games where players can use their Paripesa bonus codes. Below, you can read our clear instructions on the matter.

  1. #1 Step: Enter Promo Code Store. Visit the store to choose your offer. Depending on the number of points, you can find the deal you like. Next, choose this offer and click on the “Get” button. Your bonus points will be exchanged.
  2. #2 Step: Play a Game. Now, you can spend the promo to play the game you selected. You can understand which game to choose from the offer description. Insert the offer digits and letters into the corresponding field when you need to place a bet.
  3. #3 Step: Get Your Rewards. Wait for the result and collect your winnings. Obtain your payout via any preferred method.

In Betting

The same procedure is applied to betting entertainment. Players can use these special promos to make various predictions and save their own budgets. Here, you can also follow our thorough instructions on how to use your promo offers.

  1. #1 Step: Go to the Promo Code Store. First of all, open the Paripesa store, observe the whole set of offers, and pick those that comply with the number of bonus points you can exchange.
  2. #2 Step: Place a Prediction. Choose the event suitable for your code. You can read that in the description. Place a bet with any market you like. Indicate the combination in the corresponding field.
  3. #3 Step: Grab Your Reward. Confirm your prediction and wait for results. Receive your winnings and withdraw them.

Use of Paripesa Promo Codes in the App

If you think that it is impossible to claim and use promo codes in the app, you are fortunately wrong. The Paripesa app contains all the features and options you can use on a regular website. You can also access the promo combinations store.

  1. #1 Step: Open Promo Code Store in the App. You need to tap on the app, enter your profile, and visit the store.
  2. #2 Step: Choose Your Perk. Look through the games and sports betting events offered to you and pick what suits you most based on the number of bonus points you have earned.
  3. #3 Step: Place a Bet. Now, you can place your lucky prediction or play a game depending on the promo code condition.
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What to Do If You Are Already Registered?

What to Do If You Are Already Registered in Paripesa?

Paripesa allows all punters to use promo codes from its store. Furthermore, newly joined and long-term players can select offers they like and have similar opportunities. Regardless of your player status, the promo code store stays active and accessible for them.

However, as we mentioned, punters must have special points they can exchange on a combination. You can gain enough points only through being active, placing more predictions, playing casino games, and refunding your balance.

Paripesa Promo Code No-Deposit

One more way the Paripesa brand can grant you a no-deposit promo code is on your birthday. A lucky player can acquire a special combination via SMS, and they can spend it in the promo section. The conditions and requirements for every offer are stated separately.

Recommendations on How to Maximize Your Winnings With Paripesa Promo Code

Recommendations on How to Maximize Your Winnings With Paripesa Promo Code

Our editorial team has done thorough research on Paripesa opportunities. Our profound experience in sports betting allows us to offer you some secrets on how you can beneficially use the Paripesa platform. In the list below, you can find the necessary information:

  1. Try live betting. It is a very beneficial option to place a live prediction because it increases the chance of making a more accurate bet and winning more money.
  2. Claim bonuses and participate in promotions. It is one of the shortest ways to increase your revenue. However, each bonus deal has separate conditions and rules, and you need to comply with them to make a prediction.
  3. Use promo codes to get a free bet. It can give you more chances to increase your wins because you can place a bigger bet. 
  4. Stay active on the Paripesa platform. The more you deposit and wager, the more bonus points you will receive.

Any of the options can help you if used correctly. When you plan your betting sessions and adopt some of the tricks we offer you, you increase your chances for victory.

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Based on the profound experience of our editorial team, we can definitely recommend you try the promo code store and explore the opportunities it offers. Also, do not miss an opportunity to acquire your promo deal during the registration; it will add extra cash for betting and allow you to win more.


When does this offer expire?
That basically depends on the particular offer. However, bonus offers from the Promo Store state no expiration date.
What happens if I don’t wager/use the bonus bet within the time limit?
Usually, the bet will become void. It will disappear from your account.
What should I do if I forget to enter the Paripesa promo code required to activate the offer?
You should not worry about it. You can activate it later when you decide to place a bet.
Am I eligible if someone in my family already has an account/used the bonus?
You can claim a bonus only from your own account and use it. Your friends and relatives cannot somehow share or send the bonus to you.
Can I use the promo code twice?
Paripesa doesn’t allow its users to apply the same promo code twice.
Is the activation and use of the promo code available for mobile players?
Punters who prefer to wager via their mobile devices in any of the Paripesa apps can also claim and use bonus codes.
How do I withdraw money using the promo code?
Only after you redeem the code, which means that you should actually place a sports bet or a casino stake, is it possible to withdraw your winnings.

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