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April 16, 2024 07:20PM
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The Kenyan sports betting market currently offers a variety of platforms, with GGBet standing out as a clear favorite. The site is well-known for providing high-quality services as well as a diverse range of sports betting and casino options to its users. Withdrawing your funds and finally receiving the money you won after betting online is probably one of the most rewarding and enjoyable aspects of the entire process. However, not every newcomer to this field is familiar with how the process works and the steps to take to finally get your money out of the platform and directly into their pocket. Today, we would like to introduce you to the GGBet process, so you understand how it works and how you can eventually be rewarded.

Briefly About GGBet

Briefly About GGBet

Let us start with a quick GGBet review and introduction to the platform’s background and main features. If you are unfamiliar with the platform, the information provided will help you get to know it better and decide whether or not to waste your time on it. 

GGBet has been on the market for quite some time; it was founded in 2016 and has earned a very good reputation since its launch. It is an international sports betting website with a global reach and thousands of positive reviews worldwide.

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Withdrawal Methods

The number of payment methods available for withdrawal on GGBet is extensive; the sportsbook wanted to ensure that every platform user felt comfortable withdrawing their funds, so it provided a long list of secure and reliable options. There are both sophisticated and traditional methods, all of which provide quick money transfers. We recommend reviewing some of the most popular options bettors use to withdraw funds from the website. 

Bank Cards

Obviously, the simplest, safest, and most popular way to withdraw money from GGBet is through bank cards. Bettors typically feel safer relying on their bank for online transactions, so, understandably, most customers choose this option. Taking funds from your balance is possible with both VISA and Mastercard, so do not worry; everything is easily accessible and readily available.

Mobile Money

Mobile Money is a virtual wallet system popular among Kenyan bettors. This option is fairly straightforward; it allows you to make secure online payments all over the internet, whether on sports betting websites or for other purposes such as online shopping. Mobile Money is available on GGBet and has received high praise for being a dependable system with numerous positive reviews. Besides, it is known to be very quick. 


Cryptocurrencies are obviously a sophisticated option that is currently gaining popularity. In essence, they are digital currencies that function via a blockchain, which is updated and maintained by the holders of the currency. Despite its reputation for being especially safe, this option is not widely used enough at the moment to be taken into consideration. Not all sports betting websites offer it as a selection of options; GGBet does not have this method available on its platform at this time. 

A Step-by-Step Guide

A GGBet Step-by-Step Guide

We can now proceed to learn more specifics about the GGBet withdrawal process. Two brief, step-by-step instructions were created by our experts to help our readers familiarize themselves with the procedure and prevent errors. Let’s check them out.

Via Desktop

If you like to bet more conventionally, you will probably start with the desktop version of the website, as it is the most common. Here is how to withdraw your funds via this option.

1. Log In

Entering your personal account is the first step towards withdrawing your funds. Simply find and click the “LOGIN” button at the top of the website, then enter your credentials—which should include your password and email address or phone number—to complete this. To proceed, press “LOGIN” once more. 

2. Pick An Option

After logging into your account, you can click on your ID at the top of the page. After the panel for your personal profile opens, tap “Cashbox” and then “Withdraw.” Your screen should show every payment option available to you; all you need to do is select the option that most closely matches your preferences. 

3. Withdraw

After entering the desired withdrawal amount, select “Payout.” Enter your personal information now, and then click the green button to complete the transaction. It should only take a few seconds for your money to be transferred.

Via Mobile App 

If you are more of a mobile bettor and like to place bets while on the go, you can also take your winnings out using the GGbet bookmaker’s mobile app. Here’s how to do it.

1. Log In

Accessing your personal account will be the first step, just like when using the desktop version of the platform. After launching the mobile application, just click the “Log In” button at the top of the page to achieve this. To proceed, tap “LOGIN” after entering your password and mobile number. Instead of giving your phone number, you can also opt to enter your email address. Complete the CAPTCHA to verify that you are human before completing the login process.

2. Choose an Option

It is necessary to open the Menu in order to reach the withdrawal page. In the app, click the “Menu” icon located at the bottom. Next, find the “Withdrawal” button and press it. Selecting a payment method from those that the platform offers you will be the next step. 

3. Take Out

Input the desired amount to be taken out of your personal account to finish the withdrawal process. Once it has been entered, click the green “Payout” button and watch as the transaction is taken to the website of the payment method you have selected. You should be finished after a few seconds of waiting for the transaction to be processed.

Limits And Fees

Limits and fees are often a problem for bettors; nobody likes to be limited or to pay extra money for taking out their winnings from their account. While many online sportsbooks have such annoying rules in place, GGBet does not. The platform does not impose any restrictions.

We should caution you that the fees and limits imposed may differ depending on your payment method; typically, they start at 1,824 KES. It is advisable to confirm this information before selecting a payment method.

GGBet Withdrawal Time

Another thing that bettors often wonder about is the time frames in which withdrawal requests are handled, and money is withdrawn. Since the money removed from the platform is typically transferred in a matter of seconds, GGBet has extremely quick transfer times. 

Withdrawal Problems

GGBet Withdrawal Problems

Since nothing is flawless, running into technical or other problems when taking out your money from the platform is normal. Although, understandably, this occurs infrequently, nothing can assure you that everything will go smoothly each time you transfer money. When problems occur, you should know how to handle them appropriately, even though contacting customer service is usually the most practical and sensible course of action. 

Technical Issue

Everything in today’s world depends on technology, yet even this is not flawless. Though they do not happen frequently, website glitches, as can other issues with the GGBet server or the server running your wallet, can occasionally happen. These kinds of problems are typically simple to resolve and will not cause you any problems. The process for resolving these issues is fairly straightforward: you should contact customer service if your money is not deducted within a 24-hour window. The business will then handle the matter and offer you assistance. If the problem is unrelated to the GGBet website, contact the bank or the company that provides your wallet. 


Quite simple, but it still happens occasionally: you might just enter personal information incorrectly when completing a transaction. When this type of issue arises, it can typically be resolved immediately during the procedure, and the platform will alert you if the data you enter is inaccurate. Just correct the information you enter, and everything ought to work out.

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GGBet Conclusion

In conclusion, we can confidently state that the GGBet website offers a very user-friendly withdrawal process and various payment options to complete the transfer quickly and effectively. It only takes a few seconds to complete the process of withdrawing your money from the platform using the desktop or mobile versions of the website. Sportsbook customers can contact the support staff at any point during the process to have their concerns promptly addressed.

Most of the information about the GGBet withdrawal procedure was covered in this article, but if you still have questions, please see the FAQ section below.


Can Withdrawal Limits Be Changed?
No, withdrawal limits are established by the platform itself, meaning they cannot be changed. 
How Do You Change Your Preferred Currency?
Changing the currency you use on the platform is not possible.

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