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December 12, 2023 03:21PM
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Before starting to place bets online, it is important to educate yourself because online betting frequently requires specialized knowledge and skills that newcomers frequently lack. Although the Betwinner betting platform is regarded as being very beginner-friendly, you will still need to learn specific information before starting.

Have you, for instance, heard of maximum and minimum bets? If you haven’t, we will walk you through the topic and show you how to make the most of these bets. Let’s start!

Introduction to Betting on BetWinner

Introduction to Betting on BetWinner

First, we recommend learning about the platform, including its background, features, and special opportunities for punters. And, for sure, it’s crucial to know the betting process itself: check out our article with guides on how to bet on Betwinner.

Betwinner is a multinational betting website that was launched in 2018, making it relatively new in comparison to other bookmakers on the Kenyan market. Even though the site is quite recent, the company already has a large fan base as a result of its excellent betting services, which include the following features.

  • Mobile app for both iOS and Android users
  • Generous welcome package
  • Large number of payment options
  • Live betting and live streaming services
  • Reachable support team
  • Profitable markets 
  • High odds on popular sports

It typically only takes a few minutes to settle a bet on the platform, which we believe to be a very important feature of the betting process.

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Maximum and Minimum Bets

Betwinner Maximum and Minimum Bets

Now that you are aware of the features offered by the Betwinner website, let us go into more detail about what the maximum and minimum stakes are. We will look at what these terms mean, what you can expect from them, and how you can take advantage of these restrictions. 

What Is a Maximum Bet?

A maximum bet is essentially the highest wager you can place on a website. These limitations are put in place by the platform to manage the money flow on the website and stop fraudulent activities. The maximum stake cannot be determined precisely; instead, it depends on the sport, occasion, and team you are betting on. You can check this sum in your bet slip before putting down a wager. 

What Is a Minimum Bet?

The minimum stake is identical to the maximum stake, with the exception that it is the smallest amount you are permitted to wager rather than the largest. In comparison to the maximum bet, the minimum stake is a fixed amount of 30 KES. As a result, wagers of less than 30 KES are not permitted.

Maximum Bet on BetWinner

Maximum Bet on BetWinner

After defining maximum and minimum bets, let us examine how you can use this restriction to your advantage, how much money you can win using the maximum stake, and what its secrets are. 

Maximum Bet Restrictions and Rules

Let us start by avoiding confusing the maximum stake with the maximum payout. While the maximum stake amount on Betwinner varies depending on the event you choose to wager on, the maximum payout amount is a fixed amount. This number will fluctuate constantly, primarily to deter shady behavior and large losses for the bookmaker. 

The rules for this type of stake are quite straightforward; you’re simply not allowed to place more than the indicated amount. 

Influence of the Event on the Maximum Bet

The maximum stake amount will vary depending on the event you are choosing, as we previously mentioned, and the more significant the event, the higher the maximum bet amount. It goes without saying that this number varies from sportsbook to sportsbook, and the more well-known the platform, the higher the maximum wager limits and payouts.  

How to Raise Your Maximum Bet

Usually, the bookmaker sets this amount on its own to ensure that it has enough money to pay you if you win. These limitations, which control the flow of funds on the website and can not be removed, are necessary to keep the platform from incurring losses. 

However, if you are accustomed to making sizable winnings and withdrawals, you can speak with the platform’s support team to have this number increased.  

Minimum Bet on BetWinner

Minimum Bet on BetWinner

Minimum wagers are the exact opposite of maximum wagers. Your ability to wager a minimum amount on the platform is fixed and set by the bookmaker; it cannot change and will not vary depending on the sporting events you are betting on. But there are also particular limitations, guidelines, and characteristics that apply to this kind of wager. Let’s investigate them and see if placing such wagers is beneficial.

Minimum Bet Restrictions and Rules

First, let’s mention a second time the minimum amount that can be placed; at the moment it’s 30 KES. Any bets placed below this amount will be rejected by the platform. However, since this is the only regulation that governs such bets, they are both profitable and secure. 

Many gamblers are already aware that making numerous small bets rather than a few large ones is much more advantageous. You will not have to worry about payout issues if you place small stakes, and you will definitely have the chance to reduce the risk of your experience.

How to Start Placing Minimum Bets 

The only difference between placing minimum stake and placing standard bets is that you must only wager the minimum amount permitted. Here’s what the procedure looks like.

  1. Navigate to the Betwinner website.
  2. Log into your account.
  3. Pick the sport of your choice.
  4. Select an event to bet on.
  5. Check the odds.
  6. Enter 30 KES in the corresponding field.
  7. Click on “PLACE A BET.”
  8. Enjoy!
Start Betting with BetWinner

Pros and Cons of Minimum Bets

The minimum stake, like all other strategies and bet types, has advantages and disadvantages. To ensure that this method of betting will benefit you, consider the chart below, which summarizes the pros and cons of this type of wager.

  1. Safe
  2. More chances of making profit
  3. Affordable
  4. Beginner friendly
  1. Will not suit risky bettors
  2. Limited betting opportunities

Comparison With Other Bookies

The minimum and maximum stakes are, of course, set by each sportsbook independently. The value varies from bookmaker to bookmaker depending on each one’s reputation, market position, and notoriety. The largest companies unquestionably offer the highest maximum stakes, payouts, and lowest minimum amounts, while less well-known bookies frequently alter these minimum and maximum amounts to better suit their capabilities and limit losses. Let us contrast Betwinner’s limitations with those of Kenya’s top three sportsbooks.  

Minimum betMaximum betMaximum Payout
Betwinner30 KESDepends on event265,000 KES per stake
1xBet22 KESDepends on event86 160,00 KES
Melbet22 KESDepends on event100,000 KES per stake
Helabet0.1 KESDepends on event25,000 KES per stake


Betwinner Conclusion

In summary, Betwinner’s minimum and maximum stake amounts are reasonable and even profitable when compared to other bookmakers on the market. The fact that these rates frequently change means that gamblers should be familiar with them before making their first wagers. Even though placing maximum bets initially appears to be quite profitable, this option is very risky, so if you are a beginner, we advise you to begin by placing small bets at low stakes and gradually increasing them as you gain experience. Thank you for reading; if you have any questions, feel free to look at the FAQ down below. 


What is BetWinner’s wagering requirement?
The minimum stake is set at 30 KES, whereas the maximum payout per stake on the site is 265,000 KES.
Which bet has the fastest payout?
The rapidity of the payout depends on the website, not the type of wager.
Which bet has no tax in Kenya?
Placing bets online in Kenya is usually free.
What is the minimum stake in Betwinner Kenya?
It’s 30 KES.
Is Betwinner legit or not?
Yes, absolutely. It is licensed by the BCLB and considered legal by the government. 

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