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March 19, 2024 05:22PM
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Every betting establishment has a strategy for drawing in new clients and keeping the ones they have for the long haul. 

Offering free bets to potential clients is one of the most well-liked strategies for attracting punters in Kenya.

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What Is a Free Bet

What Is a Free Bet

Free bets are bonuses offered by bookmakers. The difference between free bets and regular wagers is that you do not contribute the stake yourself, so even if your bet wins, your stake will not be returned to you along with your winnings. You will usually be eligible for free wagers when you open a new account with a bookmaker for the first time.

Bookmakers use these bets to encourage people to register for their services and deposit money into their accounts. In exchange for giving you something for free up front, bookmakers hope you will continue to place wagers with them.

Free Bets Available in Kenya

Free Bets Available in Kenya

The top gambling sites provide their users with a wide range of welcome bonus offers. These consist of bingo bonus offers, no-deposit bonus deals for free bets, spins for new casino players who play slots, free bet credits for new customers, and first deposit bonus money. It creates a win-win situation whether the offer is a deposit offer or a no-deposit bonus. In other words, the players benefit from the opportunity to play with a sportsbook, and the bookmaker gains a new client. 

No-Deposit Free Bets

A no-deposit free bet is exactly what its name implies: it’s a wager in which you don’t have to pay the stake. You can keep your winnings, though, if your wager is successful. 

Free bets without a deposit are much less common than they formerly were, mostly because bookies have been known to lose a significant amount of money when providing them. The promotion, which essentially gives you a free wager for signing up with a new online bookmaker without requiring a deposit, is fairly self-explanatory. Even though these promotions typically have a relatively low value (KES 20 to KES 500), they are still a fantastic opportunity to try your hand at online wagering. 

These offers typically come with some fairly strict terms and conditions. The bookies have to impose these in order to make sure that gamblers aren’t abusing their generosity.

Deposit Free Bets

These wagers are only available after you deposit some funds into your account. They can be granted as a gift for your birthday or a perk during any special occasion the bookie celebrates.

Cashback in the Form of Free Bets

The majority of cashback promos return your money if your stake is unsuccessful. These gambling sites will occasionally reimburse losing bets with real money, and other times, they will return free bet credits. Put another way, you either receive a free bet credited to your wagering account or your stake returned as cash. You have to wait for your bets to be settled in order to get a cashback from these promotions. For example, in order to request a cashback, you must wait until all of the selections on your bet slip are finished if you place a qualifying cashback sports bet. You get your stake back if the stake you placed loses. 

Bet Credits

The value of a free wager is known as a bet credit. You can place a wager of KES 100 if you have that much in free bets. It may be combined into a single wager or divided into several games. The wager amount will stay separate until it is consumed; it won’t be deducted from your balance. When you register for a new customer account, you will receive free bet credits as part of this type of offer. It is likely that you will have to make bets with minimum odds requirements.

Risk-Free Bets

You can make a wager that you don’t have to worry about losing because you will receive your entire stake back if it doesn’t win. Refunds can be made in cash, bonus money, or free bets. Bookies know that this sign-up offer will attract new customers, which is why it is so popular. Customers can try again if their initial wager is unsuccessful. Bookmakers don’t mind offering risk-free bets as they know there’s every chance a regular punter will lose both wagers.

Even though their terms may sound similar, a risk-free bet and a free bet are not the same. The distinction is whether, in the event of a win, your wager amount is subtracted from your overall payout. 

You can place a wager without having to use any real money. The amount of the free bet will not be included in your winnings if you use one and win. Rather, you will only be compensated with the winnings. On the other hand, a risk-free bet entails using real money to place a wager and, in the event of a loss, getting reimbursed in any of the three ways previously covered.

Bookies Offering Free Bets for New Customers

Bookies Offering Free Bets for New Customers

In the world of online gambling, bonus wagering requirements are commonplace. There will be a wagering requirement to fulfill if you play online casino games with a sizable bonus.

Naturally, there are bookies that will offer you free wagers with no wagering requirements; however, these offers are not as common as those that have wagering requirements. Be aware that you must fulfill the wagering requirement in order to be able to withdraw your winnings. Let us review free bets offered by top betting sites in Kenya.


BangBet is an all-in-one bookmaker and is well-liked by Kenyan punters. There isn’t much that the sportsbook lacks in terms of useful features and capabilities. The website has an outstanding user interface, an Android application that works well, reasonably flexible betting options, and a good assortment of sports to wager on. In addition, a helpful customer service team that is available 24/7 and the support of local currencies and payment options can be added.


22Bet is a respectable and authorized bookmaker in Kenya that provides a large selection of casino games along with over 1000 sports events daily. The bookmaker’s extensive sportsbook and endless betting options have made it extremely popular among Kenyan gamblers. They take pleasure in the platform’s extensive bonus program, which provides incentives for new players upon registration as well as rewards for loyal and experienced users.

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The bookie offers an 8% cashback on your wagers in the form of a free wager. Your gift bet will be awarded every Tuesday. Of course, terms and conditions apply.


BetWinner is a popular bookmaker in Kenya. The platform has been in business for several years and has a lot to offer. The bookmaker provides genuine markets to gamblers, along with fantastic bonuses and an extensive selection of sports and betting choices. Additionally, a selection of deposit and withdrawal methods are available, such as local M-Pesa and Airtel Money. 

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The bookie offers birthday gifts in the form of free wagers.

For your convenience, we decided to sum up the information above in a small table.

BangBeta free wager upon registration
22Bet8% cashback on the total of your bets in the form of a free wager
BetWinnera free wager for your birthday

How to Get a Free Bet From a Bookie

Since the sports wagering industry has gone digital, it is now easier than ever to claim free wagers. You only need your PC or mobile device and yourself to embark on an amazing wagering adventure. Basically, only three steps are required.

  1. Log into your account (or create one)
  2. Read the terms and conditions of your desired wager
  3. Choose to claim the bonus if the T&Cs work for you!

Eligible Sports 

Generally, you can use your free wager on any sport you want, certainly, within the range your bookie offers. However, we advise you to read the terms and conditions of your free bet so you do not miss anything.



In the world of matched betting, as well as traditional betting, free wagers are a fantastic resource to have at your disposal. These bets will provide you with a safe way to investigate online sportsbooks and generate profits. In this article, we covered the specifics of these extra-profitable offers provided by Kenyan bookmakers.


What is a free bet?
These bets are a type of promotional offer used by online sportsbooks to encourage people to sign up and use their website or service. These wagers are intended to attract new customers and reward existing punters who repeat their online sports betting offers. Free bets offer punters the opportunity to place wagers without risking a single penny of their own money. You can enjoy the gambling experience without the financial hassles associated with traditional gambling.
How do I get a free bet?
It depends on the bookmaker. Check the terms and conditions of your applicable bookie to find out if any bets are available.
What can I use a free wager on?
Normally, you can use this wager on a sport and game of your choice. However, it’s better to check with your bookmaker.
Where do I find free wagers on a regular basis?
Most bookies offer free bets. You can contact your bookmaker’s customer support to find out if any bets are available.
Come on. There’s no such thing as “free.” What’s the catch?
In some circumstances, you might not be able to place your qualifying wager on odds less than evens. It is to prevent customers from endorsing almost certain winners. Read the terms and conditions associated with the offer before attempting to redeem a free wager. The two most important things to watch out for are any geographical limitations and wagering requirements.

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